Wednesday, June 27, 2007

we'll see if blondes have more fun...

Scott helped me realize this morning that digital cameras work like manual ones. funny how i had kept my nikon on automatic and had to look up in the manual how to change the shutter speed and fstop. but, alas, the studio is on its way.

to show: before and after photos from my blonde adventure today.
warning: the blonde here isn't complete. i'm going in again tomorrow. today it was bleached and cut (i was there from 1 until a little after 5. now i have a headache, hah.) tomorrow: more bleach (to become the color of my current roots: platinum) and toner to make it pretty. Yes, it's drastic. I don't recognize myself yet. Hello, Gwen Stefani.
so check back tomorrow for the final, k.


Anonymous said...

ok, I'll reserve my final thoughts until after tomorrow's toning down.
Let us see it without the glasses, too.
Love the haircut...not sure about the color---too severe.
mom T

Alisa Kelleen said...

kallie, i can't wait to see the final product! i got my haircut yesterday too...but it's the same mostly, just trimmed up. i can't wait to see you in person!

Courtney said...

i like the new look girl! hope y'all are doing well, sounds like you are.

Amy said...

Scooby dooby doo Daphny.

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