Monday, July 2, 2007

Greek Tarpons

The Parthenon wasn't what we envisioned.

huge house being built (above)
a shell house.

apparently he's against our government. there are many other countries to choose from...

Tarpon Springs/New Port Richie was nice. We enjoyed spending time with Kallie's parents and eating yummy food. It was super hot, though. (We went swimming in a pool...Kallie wasn't sure about the chlorine on her hair, but she got her hair wet anyway. Seemed to be ok. Does anyone know about chlorine on bleached and colored hair??)

We're leaving to traverse the deep south tomorrow. Wish us luck. :)

Love, d&k


Anonymous said...

bout the hair...should be ok, just wash it immediately after swimming, And be careful in hot tubs as they have a lot more chlorine. I waited to wash mine once after hot tubbing and it got green streaks in it :/

Hope all is well with you guys.

Stefanie B.

Anonymous said...

they sell stuff at the store you can spray in your hair...or you can just get your hair wet with clean water first (so it absorbs the clean water vs the chlorinated water) OR you can put conditioner in time your in tarpon springs seek out a little greek place called platka its delish!

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