Friday, July 20, 2007

Kallie is a mess

1. her foot got caught in the side of her chair as she was getting up while talking to David. the chair fell backwards, taking her with it, twisting and closing at the same time. it hurt.

2. she dreamed last night that adam langston laughed at her roots. strange, i know. but it was a good dream, because we were all back at HH. even alisa was there. [she also had a dream that one of her exbf's was a mass murderer. scary at the time but amusing now.]
3. it rains here all the time and she has never seen so much lightning before. she likes the lightning.

ps: we have started two new (cheap) artsy home redecoration projects and we're excited: we're painting a sweet pattern on our kitchen table. can you polyurethane over paint or just stain? and Kallie just painted a canvas that we're going to cut out coastal/surf photos and make a collage in the shape of a cute swim/surf image on. it'll be stellar.


Anonymous said...

you are not a mess, silly girl. that last picture is really good. we want to see smiles tomorrow, ok?
love you,
mom & dad T

Alisa Kelleen said...

i love all of the recent posts! we miss you guys like crazy always...You definitely must make plans to spend some summer time with us and baby next year here in the CO!

I can't wait to see photos of your table and surf canvas.

I love you guys!

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