Monday, July 23, 2007

sweeeeeeeeeet go there right now. click on art. it's the biggest link.
phew. we're starting to calm down. we're totally stoked.

ok. this weekend.

Friday: Beckham played his first Galaxy game (sort of). Chelsea decided to go easy on them.

Saturday: our dearest Katie Webb came to visit! we hung out and chatted and ate at Sweet Tomatoes and got rained on. it was lovely. we also ripped a 3" hole in our wall. this week i'll have to repair that and re-hang the studio background. whoops.Sunday: picnic lunch in a cute park filled with oak trees down the road. we fed squirrels blueberries and talked about how that was probably the only natural food they eat. playground trash usually consists of cupcakes and other processed foods. trip to the butcher and the local produce market. then church at first baptist temple terrace that night with logan and david's old friend shelley. then we took logan home and hung out for a while. it was very nice talking with him.

Monday/today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! He's 22 now. That's how old Kallie has been for 8 months. haha. we got up early and met David's mom and Hank to kayak one of the Tampa Bay inlets to the Courtney Campbell Causeway. it was great. we are sunburned.we went to a great restaurant in Brandon for dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. David got a sampling of four 1/4-pint beers. Delirium Tremens (Germany), Hoegaarden (Belgium, and David's favorite), Pilsner Urquell (Czech), and some Scottish beer David can't remember the name of. they were interesting. a couple were good. then we went to Campbell's Ice Cream, another local place. so basically, we're completely stuffed and are excited about chilling on the sofa the rest of the evening. planet earth and magazines make tonight's list. (also picking out a Micah t-shirt, because they want to give me great! buy their stuff!)

love, d&k

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Courtney said...

first baptist temple terrace is where my aunt & uncle and cousins go to church. i have been there many a time. sounds like a fun weekend.

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