Monday, July 16, 2007

update 2

[posting photos on here takes forever...soo...I'll put some here, but be sure to check out Kallie's flickr site to see the rest! there are some good ones!]

Its been quite a while! We had such a great vacation, and we've even had a lot to do since we got back. Here's a run-down of the past two weeks:
We left for Trussville, Alabama on Tuesday, July 3rd. Instead of being odd and going to see the largest peanut and chair, we opted for Ikea in Atlanta on the way. It was an excellent choice. We bought two steel wire sets to hang fabric from in Kallie's studio. (One wire is up now, and despite all of the accidental extra holes in the wall, it works well. Kallie bought a 16 feet long and 8 feet wide piece of white muslin fabric from WalMart. It is hanging nicely.) We're excited to get two Ikeas in central Florida in the next couple of years. Fun.Trussville was lovely. We saw a lot of Birmingham and got to see Tommie play at his church. For the Fourth, we went to lunch with some of the Bozich's friends, played with the iPhone and talked about how it exceeded our expectations, and saw the Birmingham Barons (the team Michael Jordan used to play for) play baseball with a fireworks show following. We ate great BBQ, too. Then we set off some fireworks back at Tommie and Alisa's house and played with sparklers. The kid next door joined us and Maple had to hide away inside.The next day, Tommie took us to see Alisa's workplace: Student Life (David and I both went to their camp once when we were growing up). Then he took us to Sloss Furnaces, an iron mill that was the starting point of Birmingham's growth. It has the only 20th century blast furnace in the world and the place closed in 1971 after 5 workers died. Apparently it's one of the top haunted places in the world. One of the days we also played around with a studio light we brought. Haha. Please laugh at David. A lot. [previous post + MORE on flickr]The next day, we saw Birmingham's SoHo, had some great food, and then met up with Marshall, whom we had met back in Gainesville, at the Garage, a very unique bar. It has a courtyard surrounded with glass-doored rooms filled with tons and tons of old "antique" things. Sinks, sculpture, fans, chairs, etc. It was crazy. Kallie got an amaretto sour (her favorite) and Alisa had gingerale, since alcohol is off-limits (baby in belly...her cute little belly is growing). The five of us sat at a big table and Alisa taught us to play Zilch. David and I enjoyed it so much, we bought dice so we can play at home.
We drove to Jackson, Mississippi Saturday morning. Kallie's Grandpa wouldn't hug her at first. He was shocked by the blonde hair. It was funny. We went to Vicksburg that afternoon. Mom and Kallie shopped at an old, tiny strip mall and the grandparents, Dad, and David gambled on a riverboat on the Mississippi. (David was given money by the family...only played a little of it and lost we still came out on top, haha.) We played Phase 10 a bit and just hung out. The best part was taking David to Cock of the Walk, the best fried catfish restaurant there is. Fabulous. We left Tuesday the 10th and stayed in Tallahassee that night. Lunch with Grandma Jo the next day, then back to Tampa.
the baby ducks are so fast! and yes, that's David talking in the background.

mmm, fried, haha.
grandpa is silly.GrandJean and, they don't look alike (they're not related)...we heard that again this trip.she so gangsta.

This past Friday, Kallie went in to the museum at 3pm and got home around 8:30. They had the photo drop-off for the Members' Show. It was hot and hectic, but Kallie knew what was going on, so it wasn't a problem. One guy Kallie signed in was named Paulino. Apparently he's a stunt double in Hollywood and did all three Pirates of the Caribbean films. He liked to talk about it and show off his photos with the cast. There were a lot of interesting characters. Sunday night was the Members' Show party. We got a little dressed up and went. Also interesting. Of course, David saw an old soccer teammate there. He sees people he knows everywhere (doesn't help that we're in Tampa).

Kallie has had both good and bad reactions to her hair. But in the end, we can't afford it and Kallie's coloring and personality just go better with her natural hair. So when the roots get really nasty, Kallie will dye her hair brown from a box from the drugstore. No more expensive salon stuff.

Photo from a Brer show a while back.

We're watching Planet Earth all week, thanks to David's dad. He bought it and we took it the next day. We promise to return it...and probably take it again later.

In the end, even though returning to Tampa means going back to work, it's good to be back in Florida. The deep south sure does make you long for home sweet Florida.

David turns Kallie's age Monday.

love, d&k


Anonymous said...

anyone eles think i look like a white spike lee in the photo with the baseball glove?

also, kallie's gpa looks like a sea turtle.

- david

Amy said...

I see the sea turtle, but you know what else I see? Kallie-you look a bit like Scarlette Johansson in these pictures. I'm liking it!

Anonymous said...

i think i'm the one that looks like sea turtle! bad hair days all around-Yuk!
mom T

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