Thursday, August 30, 2007

i love your funny face

we just watched Audrey's Funny Face and thought this was rather appropriate:
love, d&k

off the computer!

Kallie has been on the computer for days and days now. She finally finished editing the housewarming party photos and created a page on her website for them:
take a look.

A special CONGRATS to our lovely friends, Ben and Amanda, for getting engaged while we were at Honeymoon Island the day after the party. Fantastic. We're so excited!

To celebrate, she's watching Britain's Next Top Model on VH1 while ironing and doing laundry. That was a relief - a much needed break from the computer chair.

Next up is her website. She'll start on that tomorrow. How exciting! Also, next week is the rescheduled photo shoot with Posh Pair.

David has gone on business trips the last two days. It's rather exciting. He's growing up. Yesterday, he went to Fort Meyers with his boss to train a new employee. Today, he went in his boss's car, by himself, to Clearwater for a meeting. Apparently several of the men there go to our church. Also, he was the youngest there by at least a decade.

Tomorrow we head to Gainesville. We're staying on Katie's sofa, which makes us both very happy. We love Katie. Saturday, David is going to the first UF game of the season with his dad. Kallie is hanging out with B. And maybe Neesh. Later that evening, we're heading to Tallahassee to spend the rest of the holiday weekend with Kallie's parents.

What we're anxiously looking forward to: a lovely trip to North Carolina with Kallie's parents the third week in October. Rafting, beautiful leaves, and chilly weather. Ooo, we can't wait!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Poor US Americans...such as

in case you don't get the second half of the clip, it's from Billy Madison and fits perfectly.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


So I know that a title normally gives a clue to what you will be talking about in the body. I, however, just used it to make a statement. The previous post's statement of "we think david is allergic to carrots" was really all that needed to be said. That is, unless you wanted me to talk about his digestion and near-vomiting feelings. But i didn't think that needed to be mentioned.

hahah. love to you all. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

we think David is allergic to carrots.

Wednesday morning, Kallie received an email from Allison that she had a death in the family. So sad. We are going to reschedule when things settle down for her family. So instead of the photoshoot, Kallie went shopping for her studio office. She shopped and shopped, spray painted, and found things around the house to make her office feel more official and appealing.
Thursday, Kallie edited photos all day. She also bought hosting for her website and is working on a page of proofs for the party photos. That will be announced early next week. We went to Macaroni Grill when David got home from work, thanks to a lovely gift card from David's momma and Hank. The sunset was extra gorgeous, so we walked out to the "lake" at our apartment complex to take photos. [wish the colors transfered better on our blog photos! the photos are so much brighter!]
Tuesday through Thursday nights of this week, Christiane Amanpour did two-hour segments on "God's Warriors." We watched most of all of them. The first night was about Judaism, the second about Islam (Muslims), and the third about Christians (solely in the US). She did a pretty good job. The first hour last night showed the (unfortunately) common Jerry Falwell and Tim LaHaye type doom and gloom brand of Christianity; naturally only covering the abortion issue with a little bit of gay marriage sprinkled on top. These guys are still our brothers in Christ, so we won't rip on them too badly for "straining out the gnat but swallowing the camel" (Matthew 23:24). It was refreshing to see an interview with Greg Boyd and a Senator whose name I now forget in the second hour, however. They talked mostly about the Christians role in taking care of God's creation and alleviating poverty, which are often overlooked "Sanctity of Human Life" issues, not to mention scriptural mandates. Kallie had a particularly rough time with Christiane showing a group of twelve year old girls talking about how they had a commitment night when they made a purity commitment to God to be celibate until marriage. David said something like, "good luck to you," which I'm [Kallie...I'm going to use "I's" now] sure was the response, accompanied by a laugh, of most people watching the documentary. I just get upset that the numbers put these girls in a terrible situation. They probably will have sex before they're married. And it sucks. I wish girls like me and my friends, like Alisa, who have been there and actually done it...waited until marriage, could be more prevalent in the "news". These poor girls need to know that it can be done and you don't have to be a complete social "loser" or an ugly betty to do it. (hah). And I think people think it's easy for us. They think that because we're Christians, somehow we find it to be easy. So they think that they could never do it, because it would never be easy for them. And that's not true. It's not easy. But have some self respect and some dignity and be a strong woman and show the world that you have the balls to stand up to men. Seriously. And show the world that you have the balls to stand up to yourself. I mean...isn't that the most empowering thing? Women are trying to be so powerful and prove themselves over men. So show that you're strong enough to have will power over yourself and anyone else. Ok, I need to stop.

Tonight we go to a seafood cooking class in Sarasota with David's dad. Yum and fun.

love, d&k.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

post 103...we forgot to celebrate 100

Sorry that the party photos won't be up for a while. Kallie Brynn Photography, LLC will have them on sale shortly. You will be notified if you were here. Expect them in the next week or slightly longer.

Kallie has a paid photoshoot tomorrow. Sweet. Go to to see the products I'll be photographing. (Her website is looks good! There are still a few pages that aren't finished.) Kallie will also be taking photos of Allison, the owner (and friend of David's sister, Amy). A few weeks from now, we'll be doing an outdoors photoshoot with models. Exciting!

Kallie finally cut David's hair last night. It needed it so bad. He's studly again.

love, d&k.

Monday, August 20, 2007

skipping Friday to Saturday night:

HORRAY!!! We love Ben and Amanda tons and are so excited for them! They'll be getting married next summer.

love, d&k.


Anisha drove down from Gainesville and she and Kallie headed off to St. Pete to the Aveda Institute. Neesh got a hair cut and waited around while Kallie got her hair dyed a dirty blonde. David came home and we watched the Japanese (funny) horror movie that night and Kallie made Neesh a sweet bed on the sofa.

While David was at work, Anisha helped Kallie clean and decorate Friday. That post will be up shortly.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Kallie just finished her dad's business site.

It's much better than her first try, about 5 years ago.

The quote page isn't perfect, but she'll work on it later today.


love, d&k

Monday, August 13, 2007

Unedited photos from the weekend

Amy and Scott came over.

Max is doing great.

ringflash is for beauty shots.

David is freckled.

Kallie is ridiculous + we went swimming a lot.

pretend David is dressed like a Spartan and Kallie is a black man with a giant hole in the ground behind her and David is screaming "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Kallie caught a bolt. This is after one exploded much closer and freaked us out. a lot.

fun weekend. Kallie met with Allison Coney today to talk about doing photography for her business. It's fantastic. Everything is pretty set and Kallie will take the first session of photos a week from Wednesday in the studio. The following Saturday, we'll have models and we'll go somewhere like a park or candy store (Kallie stopped to talk to a Peterbrooke Chocolatier after she met with Allison - might be a good option.) PS: Allison is a friend of David's sister, Amy, and is starting her own business doing custom Swarovski crystal embellished flip flops and t-shirts. Apparently her new web designer knows of someone who needs photos, also...another job??

This week is going to be crazy busy. Kallie's hair will be brown on Thursday.

Also, there will be some missing photos in some older posts. Not surprisingly, we've reached our photo limit. Blogspot uses google's picasa image uploader. They need to make the upload quality better. The coloring and lighting always distorts way too much.

love, d&k

Thursday, August 9, 2007

sneak peak

The surf collage/painting poster I recently completed:yes, we know we don't surf.

A quick play to see what the party photos will entail:(the tv behind the sheet in the bottom left corner will be moved.)

Scott and Amy are coming over soon to play with the studio. Yay!


Monday, August 6, 2007

sleepless weekend

Friday night we went to Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater. Nice name, right? The lube refers to wing sauce. We all had wings. That includes Logan, Rachel, Matt, Kyle, Scott, Justin (all of Brer), and Justin's wife and friend. We had a great time, followed by the 10:25pm opening night showing of the Bourne Ultimatum. It's fantastic. Go see it. Bed at 2:15am.

Saturday: up at 6:15am. Yes, that's 4 hours of sleep. David's dad and Louise pick us up and we're off to Orlando. Bucs training camp at Disney's Wild World of Sports. It was a lot of fun and Kallie got some fun sports photos. They also had a younger boys basketball national championship going on inside the building. There were some of the largest 11 year olds we've ever seen. Then we had dinner at the Cuban restaurant in downtown Disney. Delicious.

---And now it's time for Buck's Bucs Sports Report---
Some observations:
1. My beloved Bucs will be no better than 9-7. Look closely at two of the pictures below to see what I'm talking about.
2. Cato June and Derrick Brooks in the middle together is a thing of beauty to watch.
3. The A-train is still rolling strong and Galloway's flexed bicep never looked better.
4. For all of you waiting to pick up Mike Clayton late in your fantasy draft....don't waste your time. Maurice Stovall is the sleeper in this bunch.

[more great photos on Flickr.]

Back home for a two hour nap and shower. Then off to David's mom's house for dinner with the siblings and family. Very funny and just a great time. It was nice having a kid around, too. Morgan is 8 and she's Beth's boyfriend, Josh's daughter. She's precious.
yes...little girl with paper dolls and boys with guns.

Sunday, we went to the 9:30am worship service and then the "young marrieds" Sunday school class at Bell Shoals Baptist. There are a lot of Gator grads there. Kallie knows one of the couples from Westside in Gainesville. That was cool. We really enjoyed it and plan on getting more involved (finally settled on a church). We left straight from church and headed to Gainesville. Met up with Kallie's folks at PJs Coffee House and discussed the business and especially the website. It's nearly done! Everything should be worked out by the end of the week. Exciting! It was sadly a short visit and the parents went back to Tallahassee (but not before Kallie's mom gave her money to fix her hair'll probably be light brown again sometime next week.) Then we went to HH and hung out with Ben and Amanda for a while. YAY. We also got yummy food at Leonardo's with them. (We were missing Gainesville food.) We saw Justin, too. And when Katie got off work, we invaded her apartment and Anisha came and we talked about Anisha's summer overseas and everything else. Then we had to leave and it was very sad. We love our friends and miss them dearly. That makes our visits so lovely.

Back to the grind.

love, d&k.

Friday, August 3, 2007

downtown T-town

[see the photos on Flickr.]
We went downtown last night. It had rained all day, and we were hoping for a great sunset with lots of clouds. It wasn't the greatest sunset, however. We parked in front of FMoPA and walked up the "out" opening to the Bank of America parking lot. It's the same building as the museum. A bit dangerous and daunting, but we made it in and took the elevator as high as we could go, then walked to the top. We were there, with camera equipment, for about fifteen minutes until a security guy came and asked us to leave. He was very nice and not much older than us. So we left and walked around by the water a bit. We were in a parking lot, photographing the back of a building when we saw police car lights behind us. Both of us freaked out real quick, but the cop had pulled someone over and driven into the lot. We laughed.

A busy weekend is about to start.

love, d&k
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