Friday, August 3, 2007

downtown T-town

[see the photos on Flickr.]
We went downtown last night. It had rained all day, and we were hoping for a great sunset with lots of clouds. It wasn't the greatest sunset, however. We parked in front of FMoPA and walked up the "out" opening to the Bank of America parking lot. It's the same building as the museum. A bit dangerous and daunting, but we made it in and took the elevator as high as we could go, then walked to the top. We were there, with camera equipment, for about fifteen minutes until a security guy came and asked us to leave. He was very nice and not much older than us. So we left and walked around by the water a bit. We were in a parking lot, photographing the back of a building when we saw police car lights behind us. Both of us freaked out real quick, but the cop had pulled someone over and driven into the lot. We laughed.

A busy weekend is about to start.

love, d&k

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Anonymous said...

Nerds!!!!! Haha!

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