Thursday, August 30, 2007

off the computer!

Kallie has been on the computer for days and days now. She finally finished editing the housewarming party photos and created a page on her website for them:
take a look.

A special CONGRATS to our lovely friends, Ben and Amanda, for getting engaged while we were at Honeymoon Island the day after the party. Fantastic. We're so excited!

To celebrate, she's watching Britain's Next Top Model on VH1 while ironing and doing laundry. That was a relief - a much needed break from the computer chair.

Next up is her website. She'll start on that tomorrow. How exciting! Also, next week is the rescheduled photo shoot with Posh Pair.

David has gone on business trips the last two days. It's rather exciting. He's growing up. Yesterday, he went to Fort Meyers with his boss to train a new employee. Today, he went in his boss's car, by himself, to Clearwater for a meeting. Apparently several of the men there go to our church. Also, he was the youngest there by at least a decade.

Tomorrow we head to Gainesville. We're staying on Katie's sofa, which makes us both very happy. We love Katie. Saturday, David is going to the first UF game of the season with his dad. Kallie is hanging out with B. And maybe Neesh. Later that evening, we're heading to Tallahassee to spend the rest of the holiday weekend with Kallie's parents.

What we're anxiously looking forward to: a lovely trip to North Carolina with Kallie's parents the third week in October. Rafting, beautiful leaves, and chilly weather. Ooo, we can't wait!

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