Tuesday, August 21, 2007

post 103...we forgot to celebrate 100

Sorry that the party photos won't be up for a while. Kallie Brynn Photography, LLC will have them on sale shortly. You will be notified if you were here. Expect them in the next week or slightly longer.

Kallie has a paid photoshoot tomorrow. Sweet. Go to www.poshpair.com to see the products I'll be photographing. (Her website is new...it looks good! There are still a few pages that aren't finished.) Kallie will also be taking photos of Allison, the owner (and friend of David's sister, Amy). A few weeks from now, we'll be doing an outdoors photoshoot with models. Exciting!

Kallie finally cut David's hair last night. It needed it so bad. He's studly again.

love, d&k.

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