Monday, August 6, 2007

sleepless weekend

Friday night we went to Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater. Nice name, right? The lube refers to wing sauce. We all had wings. That includes Logan, Rachel, Matt, Kyle, Scott, Justin (all of Brer), and Justin's wife and friend. We had a great time, followed by the 10:25pm opening night showing of the Bourne Ultimatum. It's fantastic. Go see it. Bed at 2:15am.

Saturday: up at 6:15am. Yes, that's 4 hours of sleep. David's dad and Louise pick us up and we're off to Orlando. Bucs training camp at Disney's Wild World of Sports. It was a lot of fun and Kallie got some fun sports photos. They also had a younger boys basketball national championship going on inside the building. There were some of the largest 11 year olds we've ever seen. Then we had dinner at the Cuban restaurant in downtown Disney. Delicious.

---And now it's time for Buck's Bucs Sports Report---
Some observations:
1. My beloved Bucs will be no better than 9-7. Look closely at two of the pictures below to see what I'm talking about.
2. Cato June and Derrick Brooks in the middle together is a thing of beauty to watch.
3. The A-train is still rolling strong and Galloway's flexed bicep never looked better.
4. For all of you waiting to pick up Mike Clayton late in your fantasy draft....don't waste your time. Maurice Stovall is the sleeper in this bunch.

[more great photos on Flickr.]

Back home for a two hour nap and shower. Then off to David's mom's house for dinner with the siblings and family. Very funny and just a great time. It was nice having a kid around, too. Morgan is 8 and she's Beth's boyfriend, Josh's daughter. She's precious.
yes...little girl with paper dolls and boys with guns.

Sunday, we went to the 9:30am worship service and then the "young marrieds" Sunday school class at Bell Shoals Baptist. There are a lot of Gator grads there. Kallie knows one of the couples from Westside in Gainesville. That was cool. We really enjoyed it and plan on getting more involved (finally settled on a church). We left straight from church and headed to Gainesville. Met up with Kallie's folks at PJs Coffee House and discussed the business and especially the website. It's nearly done! Everything should be worked out by the end of the week. Exciting! It was sadly a short visit and the parents went back to Tallahassee (but not before Kallie's mom gave her money to fix her hair'll probably be light brown again sometime next week.) Then we went to HH and hung out with Ben and Amanda for a while. YAY. We also got yummy food at Leonardo's with them. (We were missing Gainesville food.) We saw Justin, too. And when Katie got off work, we invaded her apartment and Anisha came and we talked about Anisha's summer overseas and everything else. Then we had to leave and it was very sad. We love our friends and miss them dearly. That makes our visits so lovely.

Back to the grind.

love, d&k.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, I didn't realize you had done so much over the weekend!!!
Thanks for meeting us in G.ville!!!
Cant wait to see new pics of another "new" Kallie!!! HaHa! Good luck with the hair experiment!

Amy and Scott said...

Why do everyones eyes look like cartoons? Looks like we all just stepped off the set of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Oh wait, that looks like redeye reduction somethingorother.

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