Monday, August 13, 2007

Unedited photos from the weekend

Amy and Scott came over.

Max is doing great.

ringflash is for beauty shots.

David is freckled.

Kallie is ridiculous + we went swimming a lot.

pretend David is dressed like a Spartan and Kallie is a black man with a giant hole in the ground behind her and David is screaming "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Kallie caught a bolt. This is after one exploded much closer and freaked us out. a lot.

fun weekend. Kallie met with Allison Coney today to talk about doing photography for her business. It's fantastic. Everything is pretty set and Kallie will take the first session of photos a week from Wednesday in the studio. The following Saturday, we'll have models and we'll go somewhere like a park or candy store (Kallie stopped to talk to a Peterbrooke Chocolatier after she met with Allison - might be a good option.) PS: Allison is a friend of David's sister, Amy, and is starting her own business doing custom Swarovski crystal embellished flip flops and t-shirts. Apparently her new web designer knows of someone who needs photos, also...another job??

This week is going to be crazy busy. Kallie's hair will be brown on Thursday.

Also, there will be some missing photos in some older posts. Not surprisingly, we've reached our photo limit. Blogspot uses google's picasa image uploader. They need to make the upload quality better. The coloring and lighting always distorts way too much.

love, d&k

1 comment:

Alisa Kelleen said...

yeah, i like the beauty shots. and the sweet booby shots from kallie in her bikini. :)

seriously, i'm impressed and can't wait to see some of the pics from work with Allison! Plus, i'd better see pics of the brown-haired (again) kallie!


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