Monday, September 17, 2007

Explanation please?

So a UF student was tasered after asking John Kerry a question?
Can any of our UF friends give us some details?
Was anyone there?
Watch this....
and this...

And read this article.
This is insane.

We are very upset about this. It's a college campus. This is what happens. Dissent can be good for our country. At least he isn't apathetic like most college kids. He even said, "if you let me up, I'll walk out of here right now." That's just not right.


Scott said...


Repeated refusal to obey police orders gets you in trouble and in this case tasered. It's pretty obvious that his questions were meant to cause a disturbance. The police were asked by organizers to remove him and they did what they had to do. He was warned, a couple of times that I heard, to stop resiting and put his hands behind his back. You cannot negotiate to just be let go once it gets past a certain point and police have decided to detain you. The only reason he was tasered was because he continued to cause a disturbance in an organized meeting.

I think that 6 officers could have moved him outside without using a taser. According to my brother this happens all the time and tasers are not as bad as everyone thinks.

Anonymous said...

i agree. kick him out, but the taser is a little much. especially when half the room has video cameras.

Anonymous said...

also, is john kerry really that irrelevant now that he can only get like half the room full in a fairly small lecture hall?
i remember when wesley clark filled half the o-dome.
- david

melissalynn said...

The taser was ridiculous. It's pretty obvious, and that's why nobody even has to include comments with the videos.

I think whats-his-name was annoying maybe. But he UNARMED, and he was no physical threat to anyone. I believe 6 officers could have handled him without it if they really wanted to get him out of there.

Not to mention, Kerry himself was standing up there saying that he'd answer the guy's questions.

Apparently you can only ask questions or make annoying speeches for a certain amount of time before you're going down, dude.

It's very disturbing, and all of UF is pretty ticked off by the way. Protests and such, and there should be. That's what freedom of speech is all about.

And by the way, all I've ever heard is that Tasers are absolutely excruciating pain.

Anonymous said...

the student protests are downright ridiculous. i saw some videos of it online, and you'd think they were protesting vietnam or at tiananmen square or something. kids need to find better causes to fight for, not some kid who wants to jump start his journalism career.


Courtney said...

in the alligator today, they were talking about how before he went to the microphone he asked if a camera was running. then, after he was arrested he was joking with the police and telling them he wasn't mad at them, they were just doing their job. getting tasered is painful I'm sure, but it sounds like he didn't go to the forum innocently. it hasn't given ufpd the best reputation though.

melissalynn said...

The protests were ridiculous. It's true. They should have the right to do it though. But they also faded pretty fast and everyone's sick of hearing about Andrew Meyer and I think it'll be forgotten by next week. Wierd.

I wonder how many people we could get to protest for other things...

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