Thursday, September 13, 2007

game #2

U.S. plays Sweden tomorrow in the women's world cup. #1 versus #3.
The game is at 5am again.
The girls looked soft for large chunks of the last game (a lucky 2-2 draw), specifically because they had no midfield whatsoever. But they still haven't lost since 2004.They may need to lure Mia Hamm out of retirement.
Or just dress up David Beckham...because he talks like a girl.

G. dubs is giving a major speech on Iraq right now.
And of course everyone running for president gets to put their two cents in afterwards. Apparently all the candidates would have gotten it right from the start, who knew?!
Regardless of how you feel about the war, there are plenty of our troops and Iraqi civilians caught in the crossfire. Be sure to pray for them, and also for those who wish to do them harm (Jesus said something about that, right?). Everyone wants this to end soon, but also to end in a way that brings stability to the region. Hopefully that's possible. Please put blame game politics aside and ask God for peace and justice in these difficult times.

Also (and less importantly), BIG BIG THANK YOU to one of my oldest friends, Ryan Kao, for getting us 2 tickets to the FLORIDA vs. TENNESSEE game! 50 yard line, 24th row on the student side!

- d

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