Monday, September 24, 2007

it's really happening!

I'm becoming a genuine (say it like good ole southern boy) photographer! Hah.

Great news!

I have two definite weddings coming up:

Tim and Diana - December 22, 2007

Ben and Amanda - August 9, 2008
And there's a possibility of a third on the horizon. Woot!

In other news, the website is nearly done. The photos aren't loading correctly, though, so I'll be tackling that all day today and probably further into this week. You'll know when it's done. :) Unfortunately, now that the website has been sitting as is, I've come up with other ideas that I want to use. I need to get a site up, though, so I'll work on my new ideas after everything is up and running. Then I might change it. Hah.

love, kb

ps: we hung out with our fantastic friend Keith on Saturday and went out to Dade City and had a lovely time.


Alisa Kelleen said...

Congratulations Skalliwag! I'm excited to have you come out and do a session with our little one! (or we'll come there!)

Keith said...

and I had a lovely time with the buckmasters. I'm glad Dade City was everything you thought it was going to be. We'll get together soon. very soon...

Anonymous said...



I love it!!!!

mom t

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