Thursday, September 6, 2007


We just watched a pseudo documentary called Offside.

It's about Iran's culture/soccer/women's rights, which is the movie turn-off trifecta for a lot of people (well, maybe just the first two), but is actually a wonderful movie.

Most of it is filmed during Iran's world cup qualifying game against Bahrain last year, and is centered around a group of girls who aren't allowed to watch the game, but try and sneak in anyway.

So if you need a good dose of girl power and further proof that Iran's government is crazy, or if you want to get pumped up for the women's world cup that starts next week (USA is ranked #1), go watch it. Two thumbs up.

- david

edit: After Iran beat Japan in a game leading up to the game featured in the film, 7 men and women were killed in Tehran. They were protesting women not being allowed into the game. The government militiamen were seen using clubs, chains, and knives against the demonstrators.

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Alisa Kelleen said...

sounds good...something tommie and i would probably enjoy for sure. looks like we'll have to check it out from our friendly local library. :)
thanks for the recommendation.

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