Wednesday, September 19, 2007

we're not preggers, nor wanting to become pregnant

But we are (well, Kallie is) getting off the pill after a dose of education. Here is a summary of what we've learned and why we're making this decision:

[certain words used are not for queasy silly boys]

What we knew: that the pill stops ovulation (passing of an egg into the uterus) and it also makes the uterus lining [edit: un-]inhabitable.

What we didn't know: that the pill doesn't always stop ovulation.

Therefore, if you ovulate and an egg is fertilized while on the pill, it can't implant itself on the uterus lining to grow. A fertilized egg begins dividing while still in the fallopian tubes - meaning it has already begun dividing and growing before it implants itself into the uterus lining. So if the uterus lining isn't inhabitable, then your growing egg dies like an unfertilized egg would die.

We believe that conception begins at fertilization, when a fertilized egg begins to grow and divide. And though we don't want/can't afford a baby right now, we don't want to kill babies either. So old-school barrier methods it is. That means Kallie isn't going to Walgreens to buy a new pill pack to start on Sunday. That is weird.


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Alisa Kelleen said...

hooray for old-school barrier methods. i know i may not seem reliable, what with my expanding belly and all, but it's not all bad.

also, i'm not sure i'll ever go back on the pill. not only for the reasons you cited, but b/c i don't like the effects it has on me.

anyway, good luck! i hope all goes smoothly. we'll pray for no babies! (for now) :)

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