Sunday, September 9, 2007

Women's World Cup

The girls kick off Tuesday morning at 5 against North Korea (yes, the north).

So let me say again...we play North Korea, in China, on September 11.

If the US cared more about soccer, there would be some crazy political implications surrounding this game. But we will all be sleeping through it.

Either way, most people are saying it will be the best game of the tournament, given that the US is ranked #1 and N Korea is #5.

Oh, and we also have #3 ranked Sweden and African champion Nigeria in our group.

Anyone else raising en eyebrow at the chances of that? It happened to the Men in last summer's tournament, too (Italy, Czech, and Ghana).



Anonymous said...

Soccer? What's that? Did you know that football season is here?

Anonymous said...

anonymous? say it to my face...i dare you.

- david

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