Thursday, September 6, 2007

the worst of luck!

A text message from Allison this morning:
"Hey girl. This is embarrassing but I am running a fever and am at the doctor with laryngitis. I feel ashamed to cancel and text, but I can't talk. I will email when home."

POOR THING! Both times, these are things she can't control. My message back:
"Aw. Poor thing! That is just no fun. No worries again. We'll just reschedule when you're well. Feel better!"

I have to say, this is probably a good thing. I can BARELY WALK! (David and I went running two days ago and it murdered me!) It's worse than yesterday. So I'll sit and work on my website instead.

Love, k

1 comment:

Ally Coney said...

Awe, Kallie...I feel so bad. I promise readers of the blog...I do want Kallie to take my photos!

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