Tuesday, October 30, 2007

for all of you white gold lovers:

[from allexperts.com]

Some folks like to have their white gold rings given the rhodium treatment: a nice white color is achieved. That is the primary reason for the plating, simply to hide and help prevent the natural reactions of some white gold to the environment which may cause a slight yellowing of the color.

Rhodium plating is temporary. How often you might choose to have your jewelry re-plated is up to you. Don't do it too often. Perhaps 6 months is the lower limit.

The most dangerous chemical to white gold is chlorine, meaning bleach, detergent with bleach, cleaning solutions, swimming pools, etc. Chlorine will not only “sometimes” bring the yellow to show in the jewelry, the chemical can work on the metal itself, eating away the nickel part and making the ring crack or prongs on stones break. Keep any white gold away from any form of chlorine!

The last time I took my ring in for rhodium treatment, they sent it off for a week. That was before the wedding, so I was ringless, which was sad. Now I have my wedding band, so I thankfully won't feel so naked. I plan on going today.

love, k

Monday, October 29, 2007

No job ideas?

That's a shame! I'm sending my resume to Beth today. This is what she wrote me: "I think the hiring has slowed down a bit, but they’re probably still hiring a few more. [...] All part-timers are clerical, meaning you file and locate files for the paralegals, and sometimes the lawyers give the clericals side jobs, like dictation, typing office memos, planning office parties, etc. Clericals at my office make $9 to start, and it’s not normally negotiable for part timers, while Starbucks pays $7 to start regardless of education, job experience, etc. [...]
You can email me your resume and I’ll give it to Karen, the hiring person, if you want."
So that is what I'm going to do. If you still have some suggestions, don't hesitate to send them my way!

Yesterday, David's mom and Hank picked us up and we drove to Orlando to see Annella's aunt Dot and uncle Ralph. It was a surprise that David and I were coming, and aunt Dot was so excited to see us...well, mainly David. She talked about it the whole time, hah. We walked to a nice restaurant and had a lovely lunch then visited for a while. It was a very nice trip.

Last night, Kallie cut David's hair and ironed his dress shirts. Being a housewife. Yes. David left this morning at 6am for Miami and won't be back until late tomorrow. I've made a list of things I need to get done to keep busy. Watching Marie Antoinette is one of those things. Cleaning house is another. Those will take several hours.

love, k

Friday, October 26, 2007

photos take a while

Kallie started going through trip photos today. She'll work on them more next week and post them on flickr soon.

Last night, we talked about Kallie getting a part-time job. She's looking. If you have any good ideas, please let us know. If nothing seems to work out, she's thinking of just working at Starbucks. But first, we're checking with David's sister, Beth, about working doing paperwork at a law office. Part-time is the key word. We still want the photography business to progress - open weekends for shoots - and, honestly, quitting when/if she needs to (keep your fingers crossed that Kallie starts getting that much photo work!!) If you know of something specific or have an idea of an industry or type of good part-time job title, please leave a comment!


Darjeeling Limited arrived in tampa today!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

another, bigger boo

David just found out that he has to go to a board meeting in Miami Monday-Tuesday. This stinks a whole lot. He's riding with either his boss or a fellow employee, so Kallie can't go. Monday will be the first night we've spent apart since January 6th. :(

trip update after the laundry gets done and Kallie calls the IRS to finish her SS-4 form.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


we're back to hot Florida.

we'll be in Gainesville most of the day tomorrow (Wednesday). Give us a call.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wine and Dine

No wine though, really.

Last night we rubbed elbows with some pretty important people. The best part is, they're Kallie's family. Kallie's dad's cousins, Patsy and Bob, were in Sarasota, so we drove down last night and had dinner at Tommy Bahama's restaurant in St. Armand's Circle. They're about the smartest people we know. Both taught at Berkeley for decades. Bob is a renowned inventor, working on Cold War anti-missile devices, and I believe he invented some laser with a diamond or something like that.

One of Patsy's roommates from decades ago and her husband also joined us. The husband helped start Texas Instruments and I think he's also an opera singer. They've lived in Sarasota for 4 years and Boston before that. When Kallie mentioned that she almost moved to Boston to go to Babson, the TI man lit up the rest of the night. We talked about how no one knows about Babson unless you're really into business. He also told me that accounting basically started at Babson. Kallie talked about wanting to go there to double major in entrepreneurship and fine arts, which she couldn't do at UF. But in the end, she met the same goal: she went to UF and studied marketing and is now starting KB photography. She had the absolute best college experience and met the man of her dreams. Had she gone to Babson, she probably would have gotten caught up in the corporate world, etc....yes, God always has things figured out better than you do. David impressed everyone with his knowledge of manatee behavioral sciences, General Motors' ever expanding retardedness (what has happened to market research today? do they teach that to you any more?), and Mac and Adobe software, including new open source software. It really was a blast. On our drive home, Kallie couldn't stop yapping about how she loves her family and how big yet how close it is. She loves it.

Today, Kallie is packing for our vacay while David finishes up his last day at work for a week. We head to Tallahassee tonight; Atlanta to drop off Grandma and shop on Friday; to Tryon to see family and meet GrandBob's girlfriend, Beverly, on Saturday; and then to Asheville until Tuesday. We'll stay in Tallahassee that night and head back to Tampa Wednesday with a long stop in Gainesville on the way. Gainesville friends: plan for dinner with us!!!

Love, d&k

ps: Kallie got all of her new equipment yesterday and she's so excited! Her new 50mm f1.8 AF Nikkor is amazing and she can't wait to use it in North Carolina. She also has loads of memory cards, two pocketwizard transcievers, a sekonic light meter (yesssss), batteries, cords, adapters, manuals, and a tiny Nikon remote to trigger the camera. Happy birthday Kallie!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Please Pray

My uncle has an agressive fast growing cancer. My cousins, Marjorie and David, are in their mid-20s. Their mother, Karen, is amazing. Please pray for the whole family. We'll be visiting Karen's father this weekend in North Carolina. Hopefully there will be some better news.

Good news or not, pray that God works in their family.

love, k

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


see! it looks lovely.

also, notice the abryanphoto.com tshirt. that's the one Bryan sent us with our wedding photos. Kallie also won a new one, to come soon. you can see that exciting and proud moment here and then here.

the cough medicine knocked Kallie out last night, so we both got sleep. Kallie didn't get out of bed until 10:30. sweet.

David couldn't be more excited about buying Thrice's album during his lunch break today. he also pre-ordered Jimmy Eat World, which he'll love when he gets home. at work today, he's learning the wonders of Adobe Acrobat.

love, d&k.

ps: David and Kallie started dating three years ago today. on a canoe. :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

snip snip

Kallie has seen the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett several dozen times since its release in 1998. She was very excited to hear about a sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, coming out this past weekend. So we went and saw it Friday night. Absolutely fantastic. Cate is an amazing actress and no one could play Queen Elizabeth better. There's a beautiful elegance about Cate Blanchett. Kallie wants to be like her when she grows up. Haha.

Though that was lovely, Kallie's favorite part of Friday was ordering lots of new photo equipment as an early birthday gift from her parents (in preparation for taking wedding photos!) It'll all arrive Wednesday, just in time for our trip to North Carolina!! Yessssss.

Saturday night, we went to Rachel's birthday party at her parents', the Mahaffey's, house. We always love going over there and visiting with friends and the families. For those of you who don't know, Rachel just got engaged to Matt!! Woohoo. We mention these lovely people rather often, but just in case you've missed it, Matt is the lead singer for Brer, which you should listen to often. This past week, he got a call from an Atlantic Records rep! Insane! So be sure to check them out. Rachel and Matt certainly had a fantastic week!!

We left the party early to head home. Kallie's first ever wedding is coming up on December 22nd: our friend, Tim, is getting married to Diana. Diana and Tim's sister came to our apartment Saturday night to talk things out and finalize the deal. It went very very well, and Kallie is even more excited than before! Woohoo!

We watched the movie Gandhi over a couple days this week. It's fantastic. Gandhi was a London-schooled lawyer. We had no clue. There's so much we learned and we have a huge appreciation for it.

After finishing the movie Sunday night, David was SO brave and cut Kallie's HAIR!!! It was excellent! And now Kallie has short hair again and is loving it.
That night, Kallie thought she was healing from her cold, but she couldn't stop coughing all night. Even David wasn't able to sleep through it. So this morning, she went to a walk-in clinic and was prescribed an antibiotic and a cough syrup. Currently, she's rather drowsy and watching Split Ends on tv. Speaking of reality challenge shows, VH1 is starting one for photographers! It's called The Shot. Apparently every episode the photographers are taught a new technique, so Kallie will be learning a lot! We're very excited. It starts soon.

Hopefully we'll both get some sleep tonight. Pray for us!

Love, d&k.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I think I forgot

I just looked through our older posts, and I think I forgot to post a photo of the sweet custom stamp I had made for kb photography. I also got my business cards in the mail the other day. They look great, but go along with the current website design - which will soon change. ;) They're glossy with rounded corners.
love, k.

Also my current banner (I just made a new one, but I'll use it when I upload the new site in a few weeks).

banner code (in case you have a site that you would like to put it on):

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

you gotta be kidding me...

When we were in school we used to thing is was pretty skeezy when credit card companies would set up shop inside Larry's Subs and offer dumb college kids a card for a free sandwich. We thought that was the lowest a company could go. But alas, we have been shown that we had the bar set way too high.

Tonight, we saw that CompUSA is giving away a 2-liter of coke if you sign up for their credit card.
And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons why our country might have some serious problems in the near future (it also shows why CompUSA is completely irrelevant in the business world).

To our current college friends....please make sure you know how to use credit responsibly.

Monday, October 8, 2007


We went to the NBC studio in downtown Tampa on Saturday to see where our good friend, Keith, works. He's a producer for some of their news shows. It was amazing.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rest in Peace, Max.

Our first family pet, Max, died today,
October 7th, 2007.

He fought to the last breath.

He was a great companion.

He will now enjoy betta heaven.

We send him on with our love.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


Kallie caught David's cold. The back of her throat/nose hurts so bad, she's having a hard time talking and swallowing.

Max is dying. Seriously. He has dropsy, which is apparently the only real fatal thing that bettas can get. Everything else can be treated. His scales stick outward instead of laying flat, meaning he has liquid built up in his body, meaning his kidneys are failing. He is also breathing rapidly through his gills, which is another sign of dropsy. He hasn't eaten in four days. :( The chlorine from the toilet water would kill him in a few hours. But we can't stand to do that. So we're just waiting for him to die. Sniff.


Thursday, October 4, 2007


is launched! Horray!

Go to
www.kalliebrynn.com right now and check it out!

(it is my first version...I'll announce a change if I launch a new version - I might get you to vote on it)


I just got home from my doctor's appointment.

1. I need to start taking a multivitamin daily.
2. I need to take calcium three times a day. (yuck!)

I've known both of these things for years and have yet to really start.

3. In reference to this post, I have new information:
My doctor says that this is not true. Here are her facts:
If you take the pill as prescribed and don't miss a day, it stops you from ovulating. Period. When you miss a day, there is a chance of ovulation. Some women get pregnant from this, but they have healthy babies full-term. Meaning the uterus is inhabitable.

On the phone, David said he remembered the websites we were looking at quoting the same (one) person's research, which is sketchy. And my doctor said we needed to make sure the websites are legit, such as webmd.com. We thought we had found good information, but I trust my doctor.

So really, if you mess up and miss a pill and are worried about it, you can use other contraceptives for a few days until everything gets back on track.

But, I'm going to stay off of the pill for a while anyway. If my bad pain/nausea returns like I had in 2006, then I'll go back on the pill. We'll just see what happens.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007


David is feeling better.

Kallie is already redesigning her website, etc. Yes, before she even announced it.

We are going to start making short films.

love, d&k

edit: to reply to Alisa's comment: the films will go along with Kallie's website - the new design that she is currently working on. We've been very inspired by people like Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, and Andy Spade, and are excited to try it out for ourselves!

Monday, October 1, 2007

food for thought

this was in Good Magazine:

Pounds of pesticides used to grow the cotton for one pair of non-organic jeans

Number of children examined in an Indiana University study that concluded that children born in spring perform worse in math and English because they were conceived in summer, when pesticide use and exposure is highest

Times greater the incidence of children born with autism to mothers living within 500 meters of California fields sprayed with pesticides than the rate of autism births nationwide

Number of fish killed in 1995 when a heavy rainstorm caused runoff from Alabama cotton fields into a nearby creek

Estimated percentage of pesticides sprayed from a crop duster that blow away rather than reach the ground

Number of the 9 most common pesticides used on cotton that are classified as "known carcinogens" by the EPA

Number of years it takes to develop a new pesticide for use on cotton, at a cost of $100 million
Number of years it takes weevils to become immune to a new pesticide

Number of elementary-school children whose urine revealed the presence of pesticides at the beginning of an Emory University study
Number of those same children whose urine contained any detectable traces of pesticides after four days of eating organic food

Number of people who die in the US each year from cancer related to pesticide exposure
Number of people in the US killed each year by assault rifles

Number of people in the US who routinely drink water contaminated with carcinogenic herbicides
Percentage of municipal water treatment facilities lacking equipment to remove these chemicals from the drinking water

Organic foods and clothing may be more expensive. And we don't have a lot of money. But when we can, we're going to try to stay away from pesticides. It's some pretty scary stuff. We also plan on not conceiving in the summer. Yikes.


big update

Thursday: when David came home from work, we met Rachel and Matt at MJBarleyhoppers for dinner. We had the same waiter as last time. Last time, he gave us free drinks. This time, he upped our meals from lunch portions to dinner. Fantastic. Then we all came back to our house and watched The Office. Yay for Jim and Pam!

Friday: Kallie had Catherine, David's step-sis, come over to be a model for the day. They played with clothes and makeup and then went driving around Brandon for a good locale. They came across an empty house for sale with a field and great trees in the front yard. The nice man next do
or drove over on his lawn mower and offered his back yard, full of flowers. Kallie lied and said they would come over in a bit, but in case he wasn't just a nice old man, they never walked over. It was blazing hot and Catherine got ant bites and Kallie got bitten by mosquitoes. And every car that drove by nearly came to a complete stop. People literally turned all the way around in the driver's seat to stare. No big city out here apparently. It was fun. Here are some unedited shots: (check the flickr website in a few days to see the lot.)

When David came home, his dad, step-mom, and sister, Beth, came and picked the two of us up to go to the USF game, for Kallie's first time at the Bucs' stadium. Catherine had to work. We had a really good time. It was a sloppy game, though, and Kallie has a hard time cheering for any team other than her Gators. We got to bed really late.
Saturday: We didn't wake up until 1pm. Seriously. So we watched the "short" by Wes Anderson called Hotel Chevalier in bed. It's the prequel to The Darjeeling Limited, which comes out next weekend. Horray! Much love for Wes Anderson. We got out of bed and went to Best Buy, hoping to get David a new phone. They're all big now, so though the antenna is falling off on his current phone, we figured we'd wait some more for a smaller one. Then we went and saw Eastern Promises, which you probably don't want to see (you probably don't want to see Hotel Chevalier either). But it was pretty good. Then Moes for dinner before watching the Gator game. Poor Gators. We love them, though.

Sunday: Church and then out to lunch with some new people in our class (new for us, as in they're not in our small group). It was quite lovely. Since it was a gorgeous day outside, we decided to go to the beach. Too bad Apollo BEACH doesn't have any BEACHES. Ridiculous. After driving around for about an hour, we came home and swam at our pool. Still lovely. Then we watched
Adaptation and weren't as impressed as we thought we were going to be. Oh well.

David has a cold. Pray that it doesn't get worse and that he feels better. And pray that Kallie doesn't catch it.

love, d&k
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