Monday, October 1, 2007

big update

Thursday: when David came home from work, we met Rachel and Matt at MJBarleyhoppers for dinner. We had the same waiter as last time. Last time, he gave us free drinks. This time, he upped our meals from lunch portions to dinner. Fantastic. Then we all came back to our house and watched The Office. Yay for Jim and Pam!

Friday: Kallie had Catherine, David's step-sis, come over to be a model for the day. They played with clothes and makeup and then went driving around Brandon for a good locale. They came across an empty house for sale with a field and great trees in the front yard. The nice man next do
or drove over on his lawn mower and offered his back yard, full of flowers. Kallie lied and said they would come over in a bit, but in case he wasn't just a nice old man, they never walked over. It was blazing hot and Catherine got ant bites and Kallie got bitten by mosquitoes. And every car that drove by nearly came to a complete stop. People literally turned all the way around in the driver's seat to stare. No big city out here apparently. It was fun. Here are some unedited shots: (check the flickr website in a few days to see the lot.)

When David came home, his dad, step-mom, and sister, Beth, came and picked the two of us up to go to the USF game, for Kallie's first time at the Bucs' stadium. Catherine had to work. We had a really good time. It was a sloppy game, though, and Kallie has a hard time cheering for any team other than her Gators. We got to bed really late.
Saturday: We didn't wake up until 1pm. Seriously. So we watched the "short" by Wes Anderson called Hotel Chevalier in bed. It's the prequel to The Darjeeling Limited, which comes out next weekend. Horray! Much love for Wes Anderson. We got out of bed and went to Best Buy, hoping to get David a new phone. They're all big now, so though the antenna is falling off on his current phone, we figured we'd wait some more for a smaller one. Then we went and saw Eastern Promises, which you probably don't want to see (you probably don't want to see Hotel Chevalier either). But it was pretty good. Then Moes for dinner before watching the Gator game. Poor Gators. We love them, though.

Sunday: Church and then out to lunch with some new people in our class (new for us, as in they're not in our small group). It was quite lovely. Since it was a gorgeous day outside, we decided to go to the beach. Too bad Apollo BEACH doesn't have any BEACHES. Ridiculous. After driving around for about an hour, we came home and swam at our pool. Still lovely. Then we watched
Adaptation and weren't as impressed as we thought we were going to be. Oh well.

David has a cold. Pray that it doesn't get worse and that he feels better. And pray that Kallie doesn't catch it.

love, d&k

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