Tuesday, October 30, 2007

for all of you white gold lovers:

[from allexperts.com]

Some folks like to have their white gold rings given the rhodium treatment: a nice white color is achieved. That is the primary reason for the plating, simply to hide and help prevent the natural reactions of some white gold to the environment which may cause a slight yellowing of the color.

Rhodium plating is temporary. How often you might choose to have your jewelry re-plated is up to you. Don't do it too often. Perhaps 6 months is the lower limit.

The most dangerous chemical to white gold is chlorine, meaning bleach, detergent with bleach, cleaning solutions, swimming pools, etc. Chlorine will not only “sometimes” bring the yellow to show in the jewelry, the chemical can work on the metal itself, eating away the nickel part and making the ring crack or prongs on stones break. Keep any white gold away from any form of chlorine!

The last time I took my ring in for rhodium treatment, they sent it off for a week. That was before the wedding, so I was ringless, which was sad. Now I have my wedding band, so I thankfully won't feel so naked. I plan on going today.

love, k

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