Wednesday, October 3, 2007


David is feeling better.

Kallie is already redesigning her website, etc. Yes, before she even announced it.

We are going to start making short films.

love, d&k

edit: to reply to Alisa's comment: the films will go along with Kallie's website - the new design that she is currently working on. We've been very inspired by people like Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, and Andy Spade, and are excited to try it out for ourselves!


Alisa Kelleen said...

I want to know more about short films...

Anonymous said...

kallie has been on a real kick about it lately, and making short films was something i used to do all the time (for a bit i really considered going to film school). ha, i have to say a lot of my stuff was more Jackass inspired than quality film making, but i was pretty proud of my production skills. so, buckmaster collaboration time it is. hopefully it wont be too long before you see anything done on that.

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