Thursday, October 4, 2007


I just got home from my doctor's appointment.

1. I need to start taking a multivitamin daily.
2. I need to take calcium three times a day. (yuck!)

I've known both of these things for years and have yet to really start.

3. In reference to this post, I have new information:
My doctor says that this is not true. Here are her facts:
If you take the pill as prescribed and don't miss a day, it stops you from ovulating. Period. When you miss a day, there is a chance of ovulation. Some women get pregnant from this, but they have healthy babies full-term. Meaning the uterus is inhabitable.

On the phone, David said he remembered the websites we were looking at quoting the same (one) person's research, which is sketchy. And my doctor said we needed to make sure the websites are legit, such as We thought we had found good information, but I trust my doctor.

So really, if you mess up and miss a pill and are worried about it, you can use other contraceptives for a few days until everything gets back on track.

But, I'm going to stay off of the pill for a while anyway. If my bad pain/nausea returns like I had in 2006, then I'll go back on the pill. We'll just see what happens.


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