Monday, October 29, 2007

No job ideas?

That's a shame! I'm sending my resume to Beth today. This is what she wrote me: "I think the hiring has slowed down a bit, but they’re probably still hiring a few more. [...] All part-timers are clerical, meaning you file and locate files for the paralegals, and sometimes the lawyers give the clericals side jobs, like dictation, typing office memos, planning office parties, etc. Clericals at my office make $9 to start, and it’s not normally negotiable for part timers, while Starbucks pays $7 to start regardless of education, job experience, etc. [...]
You can email me your resume and I’ll give it to Karen, the hiring person, if you want."
So that is what I'm going to do. If you still have some suggestions, don't hesitate to send them my way!

Yesterday, David's mom and Hank picked us up and we drove to Orlando to see Annella's aunt Dot and uncle Ralph. It was a surprise that David and I were coming, and aunt Dot was so excited to see us...well, mainly David. She talked about it the whole time, hah. We walked to a nice restaurant and had a lovely lunch then visited for a while. It was a very nice trip.

Last night, Kallie cut David's hair and ironed his dress shirts. Being a housewife. Yes. David left this morning at 6am for Miami and won't be back until late tomorrow. I've made a list of things I need to get done to keep busy. Watching Marie Antoinette is one of those things. Cleaning house is another. Those will take several hours.

love, k


Amy said...

I miss those two people, so I'm sad to have missed out on this. I see Dot has on her FL clothes. Love it. As for a job, why not do a seasonal photography place, just to gain more experience or something? I worked for Hilton in their call center during college. The pay was around 11 an hour and I could stay at any of their hotels and chains for free....just a thought. They also hire their Marketing/HR people from within....

Beth Stevenson said...

this may be horrible, but I'm glad I didn't check that invitation voicemail from mom until after the fact. :)

I texted David about my office today.. did he let you know?

melissalynn said...

Good luck on the part-time job thing! Don't get discouraged in your first few days, whenever you start - jobs like that take a couple of weeks for you to adjust.

Another thought - doctor's offices often hire office people, and the pay is typically better than what you have there in your post.

Ask around at your church is my biggest advice, tell as many people as you can that you're looking for work. That's how I got like 4 part-times to choose from this summer.

Also, is there a school - like a community college or something - near you? They often hire part-time teaching assistants and things like that, which looks awesome on resumes. You can call their main line and just say you're looking for part-time jobs and they'll connect you somewhere or other.

The main thing is ASK EVERYONE and mention it to as many people as possible - like "how are you Kallie?" "Oh, I'm fine, but I'm trying to find a part-time job right now."

:) You're probably already doing that.

melissalynn said...

p.s. If you really want to look for a different job, be brave!!! It's hard, but call people and ask!

melissalynn said...

Oh, last one.

I understand if this is not appealing to you, but another good option is to call your church and ask if they know of any babysitting/nanny-type positions. The children's director at Creekside told me about 5 names to call when I asked that question.

Those jobs sometimes pay really well and have more workable hours.

It's an option.

Keith said...

didn't you minor in mass communications? maybe you could be a tv producer? it would be perfect.

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