Monday, October 15, 2007

snip snip

Kallie has seen the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett several dozen times since its release in 1998. She was very excited to hear about a sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, coming out this past weekend. So we went and saw it Friday night. Absolutely fantastic. Cate is an amazing actress and no one could play Queen Elizabeth better. There's a beautiful elegance about Cate Blanchett. Kallie wants to be like her when she grows up. Haha.

Though that was lovely, Kallie's favorite part of Friday was ordering lots of new photo equipment as an early birthday gift from her parents (in preparation for taking wedding photos!) It'll all arrive Wednesday, just in time for our trip to North Carolina!! Yessssss.

Saturday night, we went to Rachel's birthday party at her parents', the Mahaffey's, house. We always love going over there and visiting with friends and the families. For those of you who don't know, Rachel just got engaged to Matt!! Woohoo. We mention these lovely people rather often, but just in case you've missed it, Matt is the lead singer for Brer, which you should listen to often. This past week, he got a call from an Atlantic Records rep! Insane! So be sure to check them out. Rachel and Matt certainly had a fantastic week!!

We left the party early to head home. Kallie's first ever wedding is coming up on December 22nd: our friend, Tim, is getting married to Diana. Diana and Tim's sister came to our apartment Saturday night to talk things out and finalize the deal. It went very very well, and Kallie is even more excited than before! Woohoo!

We watched the movie Gandhi over a couple days this week. It's fantastic. Gandhi was a London-schooled lawyer. We had no clue. There's so much we learned and we have a huge appreciation for it.

After finishing the movie Sunday night, David was SO brave and cut Kallie's HAIR!!! It was excellent! And now Kallie has short hair again and is loving it.
That night, Kallie thought she was healing from her cold, but she couldn't stop coughing all night. Even David wasn't able to sleep through it. So this morning, she went to a walk-in clinic and was prescribed an antibiotic and a cough syrup. Currently, she's rather drowsy and watching Split Ends on tv. Speaking of reality challenge shows, VH1 is starting one for photographers! It's called The Shot. Apparently every episode the photographers are taught a new technique, so Kallie will be learning a lot! We're very excited. It starts soon.

Hopefully we'll both get some sleep tonight. Pray for us!

Love, d&k.


Anonymous said...

now that is just plain scary!!!!

Alisa Kelleen said...

I cannot believe your husband was so brave! Way to go Buck. It looks good.

Also, I love that movie, Gandhi. It's awesome. I saw it in high school and can't get over it. I haven't seen "Elizabeth" though and think, upon your recommendation, that I will. I'll probably have to watch it with my sister, but I'm sure it will be great!

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