Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wine and Dine

No wine though, really.

Last night we rubbed elbows with some pretty important people. The best part is, they're Kallie's family. Kallie's dad's cousins, Patsy and Bob, were in Sarasota, so we drove down last night and had dinner at Tommy Bahama's restaurant in St. Armand's Circle. They're about the smartest people we know. Both taught at Berkeley for decades. Bob is a renowned inventor, working on Cold War anti-missile devices, and I believe he invented some laser with a diamond or something like that.

One of Patsy's roommates from decades ago and her husband also joined us. The husband helped start Texas Instruments and I think he's also an opera singer. They've lived in Sarasota for 4 years and Boston before that. When Kallie mentioned that she almost moved to Boston to go to Babson, the TI man lit up the rest of the night. We talked about how no one knows about Babson unless you're really into business. He also told me that accounting basically started at Babson. Kallie talked about wanting to go there to double major in entrepreneurship and fine arts, which she couldn't do at UF. But in the end, she met the same goal: she went to UF and studied marketing and is now starting KB photography. She had the absolute best college experience and met the man of her dreams. Had she gone to Babson, she probably would have gotten caught up in the corporate world, etc....yes, God always has things figured out better than you do. David impressed everyone with his knowledge of manatee behavioral sciences, General Motors' ever expanding retardedness (what has happened to market research today? do they teach that to you any more?), and Mac and Adobe software, including new open source software. It really was a blast. On our drive home, Kallie couldn't stop yapping about how she loves her family and how big yet how close it is. She loves it.

Today, Kallie is packing for our vacay while David finishes up his last day at work for a week. We head to Tallahassee tonight; Atlanta to drop off Grandma and shop on Friday; to Tryon to see family and meet GrandBob's girlfriend, Beverly, on Saturday; and then to Asheville until Tuesday. We'll stay in Tallahassee that night and head back to Tampa Wednesday with a long stop in Gainesville on the way. Gainesville friends: plan for dinner with us!!!

Love, d&k

ps: Kallie got all of her new equipment yesterday and she's so excited! Her new 50mm f1.8 AF Nikkor is amazing and she can't wait to use it in North Carolina. She also has loads of memory cards, two pocketwizard transcievers, a sekonic light meter (yesssss), batteries, cords, adapters, manuals, and a tiny Nikon remote to trigger the camera. Happy birthday Kallie!


Anonymous said...

The guy also named dropped Ross Perot as a friend of his over dinner. I think he called him arrogant, though. haha.


Anonymous said...

ok, you guys lost me with manatee behavioral sciences!!!!!
what a hoot!

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