Friday, November 30, 2007

picture blog!

We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal in Tallahassee with Kallie's mom, dad, and grandma.
Yes, that's right: we had deliciously smoked turkey legs for Thanksgiving, thanks to our wonderful idea and dad's amazing cooking skills on his green egg.
After stuffing ourselves to the brim, Kallie decided it was a good time to stretch out her lips for some reason. David thought it was creepy and took a photo. He tried to do the same, but Kallie won.
Over the break, Kallie finished editing the Harshbarger family's photo shoot. She packaged everything nicely and sent the package to Orlando.
With the money from the Harshbarger shoot, Kallie bought a new camera. It's a Rolleiflex Baby 4x4 and it's beautiful. This particular grey model was made in 1957. They stopped making them in 1963. There were only about 85,500 made total, from 1931 to 1963. It uses 127 roll film, which is about $5 a roll for 12 frames. But it's worth it. We still have to figure out where to send the film to get it processed (around $15 a roll). The Baby Rollei is, as you would guess, smaller than regular Rollei's, which is perfect for Kallie, since she's small. (The top right photo is looking down into the camera to the ground glass that projects the image as seen through the lens. It's pretty darn sweet. No batteries.)
Our baby (fake) Christmas tree from David's dad's attic.
Top: Our home-made advent calendar. Each contains a Bible verse and a chocolate (or whatever candy was around the house).
Bottom left: A childhood decoration from Kallie's family: you light the candles around the bottom and the heat rises, making the panels and therefore the characters in the center begin to spin.
Bottom right: A childhood decoration from David's family: "the Buckmasters". That's us.
Kallie curled her hair with a curling iron she hadn't used in ages. She felt like Goldilocks. She's also wearing her favorite yellow birthday sweater.
We sent David's old digital camera to India today. Last night, we cleaned out the memory. This was on it. It was taken at David's mom's house over a year ago, sometime after our engagement party. Kallie saw it and wished she had her normal hair back. Blondes don't have more fun. It's a lie. She wants to be brown again.

Katie and B are on their way down from Gainesville right now. Yay for friends!

Love, d&k

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rob Bell - "The Gods Aren't Angry" Tour

Here is a summary of what we heard in Orlando last week. Hopefully it's half way coherent, because if you've ever listened to Rob before, then you know he's not very easy to put into bullet points. Remember...commenting is more fun than just reading.

Rob started out by talking about the first humans. He said that they began to notice certain forces that worked together and in cycles, like how the sun makes food grow and rises and sets every day. Or how the moon moves in 30-day phases, not unlike a woman’s physical cycle. They began to notice early on how everything is connected.

So without any inherited context or knowledge of a deity or deities, they decided that they had to do everything they could to please these forces. That meant they stopped harvesting a little of their food so they could “sacrifice” it to these forces, which they began to refer to as gods. Soon enough these early cultures, like the Sumerian one in which the biblical story is rooted, had names for dozens and dozens of gods, each named for one of these forces. They had gods and goddesses for the sun, moon, beer (a female!), and war, to name a few.

But as these cultures progressed, they realized something wrong with this worldview. If they sacrificed some of their belongings in hopes of something happening (for example a plentiful harvest for the year), then they would have to sacrifice more to appease that god for the following year. Doing the same amount would be offensive. And you certainly didn’t want to anger the gods.

By the same token, if what they wanted to happen didn’t happen, they would think the god wasn’t pleased with the amount given, so they would still have to sacrifice more the next year.

So both ways they became stuck in this cycle of trying to please the gods by offering more and more, and never really knowing where they stood with their gods. This quickly turned into a system of who could give the most, and of ranking and proving themselves against their fellow man.

So in the first stories of man and the gods’ interactions, the gods were aloof and detached from the human story. People basically developed a system of superstition and ritual (later Rob would talk about how many of us haven’t really progressed from this kind of thinking, but now just call these gods things like ambition, self, and materialism. Or we buy into the belief that God owes us something or that God is angry with us).

The sermon then began to focus on the stories of the Bible and how when we read many of them today, we think they are ancient and irrelevant at best, and cruel and inhumane at worst. What we don’t realize, according to Rob, is that the stories of the Bible told the most progressive ideas of the time. These ideas were new, unlike anything the culture had ever seen.

He demonstrated this by looking at the story of Abraham. God told him to pack up his things and leave his father’s land (and by that his father’s worldview) for a new land where this one God would be all they need. This was revolutionary for the time. One God, coming down and interacting with man. He would not be aloof or unconcerned with man’s problems. He would walk with them and teach them.

This God would eventually tell Abraham to take his only son (who was the only hope to fulfill God’s promise of creating a people group from Abraham) up to a mountaintop to sacrifice him. Rob talked about so often when we hear this story, we hear about Abraham’s faithfulness to God. But that isn’t the point of the story. Why didn’t Abraham protest at all? Could it be that this wasn’t something terribly unique to his world? In a culture where child sacrifice was not uncommon, why would Abraham question a god asking a man to sacrifice what he held most valuable?

The point of the story is the ram that God provided in the thicket. The point is that God provides, not demands. He was engaged in Abraham’s story. Even though the story is somewhat rooted in animal violence, God would eventually say that this wasn’t to appease Him, but to appease the conscious of the people still stuck in this worldview of guilt, fear, and appeasement. God met them where they were, as he is so fond of doing.

Rob then shifted to the sacrificial system that developed in the book of Leviticus. He compared it to a military-industrial complex not unlike what we see today. Some people (the Sadducees) got very rich off of twisting what God meant for good and devolving it into essentially the same system they had before.

What was new about the temple system was that people would bring their guilt and fear, do their sacrifices, and be able to leave that guilt and fear at the altar. It was “appeased” after the sacrifice. Man knew exactly where he stood with God. But it turned into this elaborate system where people would make their sacrifices, and then just go on about their way. Make their sacrifices, and then be on their way. It was a never-ending cycle, because this was all they knew.

It was in this society that Jesus was born. When he said things like “I will rebuild the temple in three days,” he was referring to the fact that he was retooling the system. When he drove out the moneychangers in the temple with the cords, it was essentially performance art in which he was demonstrating that the temple in its current form was corrupt and no longer needed. Jesus was saying that he would be the only sacrifice needed.

And with Jesus, that was it. No more sacrifices. We no longer have to live in a system of guilt, fear, and appeasement. Jesus has reconciled all things to himself. It’s finished. We don’t have to prove our worth. God invites us into a kind of life where we know and live this truth. A life where he is intimately concerned about and loves all of us.

Rob ended the night by talking about the book of Hebrews and how we are now to be “living sacrifices.” He told story after beautiful story of people giving of themselves for others in this way.

Cue the tears in the audience’s eyes, including those of the Hard Rock Live employees, as we grappled with the life-changing truths of Jesus and his message.

it must be written on my forehead.

We had a lovely evening with Keith and Savannah last night in Ybor. We went to dinner and then to a free screening of Juno, which comes out next month in theatres. The movie was fantastic (After a strange combination of Wes Anderson-type directing mixed in with Napoleon Dynamite (there's literally a character that's his spitting image for a few moments), the director seemed to find his own style and the movie got progressively better. we even choked up a bit towards the end.) The company was fantastic. Other, peripheral, people were not:

1. At dinner. Normal nice waitress leaves. Strange older man waiter comes and gets new water for Keith and David. Strange older man waiter comes back and asks David, "Does your sister need some more water?" WHAT??? "No, I'm fine." Strange older man waiter walks away. Normal nice waitress comes back a few minutes later and asks if I need more water. "Yes, please." A) Please direct your question at ME if you're going to ask if I need something when I'm RIGHT THERE. B) Where do you come off making an assumption like that out loud? (Comparable to "when are you expecting?" "I'm not pregnant.") C) He's my friggin husband, moron.

2. Going into the theatre, we get free t-shirts. David is first. He asks if they have any smalls. They have one small left of the orange t-shirt and plenty of the white. David takes the white. Kallie says, "well, I'll take the last orange small." Seemingly nice man replies, "Oh, orange? You know, one day you'll grow up and go to UF." SERIOUSLY. Response, "I already did." And walked away. Not sure what the response was. Maybe Keith and Sav heard. Ugh.

I mean, I don't look THAT young. And if anything, David looks as young as I do...why do I always get picked on? This is so annoying. Note to world: stop commenting that I look like I'm 12. I'm 23. Deal.

Okay, I'm done.

Kallie's mother sent her this video. Normally she deletes things like this that her mom sends her. This one is pretty awesome. We wish we had the balls to pull this off (or any sort of confidence in our dancing skills.)

love, d&k.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had a lovely birthday. No pictures of it. But it was fun. I finished editing the Harshbarger photo shoot, which I'll mail out today (David says there are a lot that should take precedence to go on my website - which should be up by the end of the week or early next week with the new photo shoot). I worked on Christmas stuff, like getting decorations together. David's dad washed my nasty car while it was parked at his house over the holiday (sweet). He also gave us a mini Christmas tree from his attic, which we were going to buy, so that was excellent. Plus, he gave me a Cheesecake Factory gift certificate (and AMC theatres!), so David and I had a delicious dinner for free! Grandparents from all over spoiled me with gifts and I loved getting cards, especially one from my lovely friend Amanda. She rules. I almost forgot to tell you David and his mom's gift to me! I'm going to Nikon school for a day in Orlando in January! I'm really excited to learn all of the things I can't figure out. :) I'll let you know how that goes.

David brought home mini cheesecakes with candles. It was so cute and delicious.

I burned a sweet little candle from Anzila, a long-time family friend, all day. There's no candle left now. So hopefully I can find mini candles at Target today for refills.

Mom and dad bought me this beautiful yellow New Dream blend sweater from JCrew (photo for Alisa!). I'm positive it will pop up in photos from now on. I love it. And yes, it has tiny, spherical antiqued-brass buttons. (Not to mention, they bought me a crazy load of photo equipment last month for my birthday - my new lens, light meter, transceivers, batteries, etc.)

We also got our Christmas postcards yesterday, so be certain to check the mail for that. If you've moved since we sent wedding invites, please let me know your new address if you want one!! I also bought a Moleskine address book at BAM after dinner, since all of my addresses are stored on for our guest list. Time to change that and make your corrections!

27 people sent me birthday wishes on facebook and 1 on myspace. That's pretty cool. Thanks everyone!

We have news to come about some Christmas projects that might interest you. Keep that in mind while you're shopping this month.

Love to all!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

We are most excited about being thankful for (almost) one beautiful and happy year of marriage. We are thankful for each other. We are thankful for where God has placed us, all He is doing, and especially all we have to look forward to in the near future.

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading. We enjoy keeping you updated.

Relaxing in Tallahassee has been lovely. We're excited we still have a few more days left. Kallie has been working hard on her latest photo shoot. David went fishing with Kallie's dad. The Christmas tree is up. Gators vs. Semiholes. Birthday dinner at Bonefish with a yummy Amaretto sour and seafood - favorites. Yellow JCrew birthday sweater. Ridiculously comfy bed. Yes, it has been good.

David will post his review of the Rob Bell sermon soon. It was amazing.
We'll also be posting some Christmas projects which might interest you very soon.
You might want to check out for the past several posts. This is Bryan Johnson, our wedding photographer. He is in South Africa with Hanson. Yes, mmBop. He shot Zac's wedding and caught up with the guys again when they came for a show in Birmingham. Now he's traveling with them and raising money for a school that has touched his heart. There are ways to help.

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the d&k seal of approval.

2 albums (yay for Best Buy gift cards):

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un M'a Dit. She's an Italian supermodel who plays guitar and sings in French. And she's good. Really, really good. (For Christmas we are going to start learning French together, so our our goal is to understand this album)

Tom Waits - The Heart of Saturday Night. Yes, we are about 25 years late to this party. Perfect for slow dancing with your significant other.

1 Book:
A.J. Jacobs. The Year of Living Biblically. David can't put this book down, although he has to every day at 12:55 when he has to drive back to work from Books a Million. He thinks it is hilarious, and more educational than anything he has read concerning Jewish culture in the times of the Old Testament. It's about a a guy who is culturally Jewish but spiritually agnostic who tries to follow the Bible literally for an entire year. The book is featured on the cover on the latest issue of Relevant magazine, in which our friend Tommie has an ad for his new design company, Cold Orange Media. Everyone should put this at the top of his or her reading list.

That's it for now.
Tonight we're off to see Rob Bell speak in Orlando on his "The God's Aren't Angry" tour. Thanks for the tickets, Amy! It will surely be thought-provoking, so we'll try and write out a review sometime next week.


Friday, November 16, 2007

etch a sketch.

David is great at etch a sketch.

Kallie is not.

And Uncle Ralph used one for the first time.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's for Certain!

Keith came over for dinner last night. We had a lovely time.

It's official: I'm the wedding photographer for his marriage to Savannah on June 14th.



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Proofs for sale

All of the proofs from commissioned photo shoots will now be available to purchase at

I currently only have the trial version (for 14 days), but I've set up almost everything already. When I send them money, they'll let me customize it even more. Also, I have three shoots uploaded right now, and I already hit the 1GB limit. I'll have unlimited space in 14 days, so I'll f
inish uploading the photos that didn't fit into Mia's folder at that time.

I think I'll also make a "hodge podge" folder of my best photos. If you ever see a photo you would like to purchase, let me know and I can add it to the site.

My other photos will still be uploaded to Flickr.

And (drum roll), since it's basically finished and I'm just waiting to put photos on it from the shoot I'm doing this weekend in's a sneak peak of my new website:
love! kbb

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

lots of chocolate

We watched My Fair Lady this week and rather enjoyed it. Even David.

Our new fondue set let us enjoy fruits in chocolate while we watched. Yum.

Now we both have "Wouldn't it be Loverly" stuck in our heads. At least it's fun!


Monday, November 12, 2007

unexpected compliments are divine.

The really nice old maintenance man at our apartment came to fix our toilet today. On his way out, he said, "You sure do keep your apartment nice and purty." Coming from an interior designer female lineage, that made me extra happy. We really love our home and it's great when others do, too.

Also, brother-in-law, Scott, has helped me purchase nearly every piece of photography equipment I have. He also gives me great tips and has taught me a lot. Thank you, Scott.

On another note, I have been flooding myself with sweet design blogs. It's a new world that I didn't really know existed. It makes me want to make a career of blogging, really. Maybe....

Here are some of my favorites:
happy cavalier Design Mom snippet & ink Oh Happy Day Black*Eiffel decor8 Oh Joy! the SCOOP
and this is a great site, also:
Etsy ::

My 23rd birthday is in FOURTEEN days. whoa. This one snuck up fast; it's the first time I've actually felt old-ish.

love, k

Thursday, November 8, 2007

She was wearing her new website's colors...

so she had David take photos. (The website design that hasn't been launched yet.) We were on our way to walk 1.7 miles to Starbucks in the cold fall evening. It was nice.
Kallie was cold on the 1.7 miles home, though.

love, d&k

Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Suggestions

These organic granola bars are absolutely fantastic. They're way more flavorful and the same price as the ones on the cereal aisle. These are in the organic food section at Publix.

Some family friends bought us the Simply Romantic Nights set for our wedding. We're really enjoying it and just want to give it a shout-out and suggest it for our married friends, young and old(er).


we could have slept.

Kallie saved a turtle last week. She pulled over and risked traffic. Hopefully he didn't turn around and head back toward the road.

David enjoyed his business trip to Miami. He's really excited about work now. A lot of great things are beginning at the FBCH.

Michael Clayton wasn't as good as the buzz behind it makes you expect. It was fine, but its been done. Better than the movie was the dinner at Channelside beforehand. We had a lovely time and while waiting for the movie to start, watched a little girl go all-out on her dance moves to the live band. She was awesome.

The Gator game was a lot of fun. It was excellent to be in the stadium and not worry about passing out. The cold weather is approaching and we love it. Sorry to our friends who thought we would see them after the game - we went straight to David's dad's car and left (with a stop at Cracker Barrel in Ocala on the way home - yum!)

A tattoo artist shared his testimony at Relevant Church on Sunday. It was pretty neat. He's coming back in January to tattoo people. FYI. That morning, we woke up an hour too early. Our cell phones didn't change. So we went to Starbucks before church, bought a paper, and had breakfast. It was quite lovely. We might start a habit of that. After church, we went to lunch with the amazing Keith. We love Keith.

That night, VH1's The Shot debuted. It should be a good show, and Kallie should learn a bit.

Upcoming events:
This weekend : Saturday - Auto Show; Sunday - Ribfest
Next weekend : Christmas Portraits for the Harshbarger family in Orlando and party with friends from Summit Church
Thanksgiving weekend : Rob Bell sermon at Hard Rock Live in Orlando then to Tallahassee
the 26th : Kallie turns 23! Whoa.

love, d&k.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

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