Thursday, November 29, 2007

it must be written on my forehead.

We had a lovely evening with Keith and Savannah last night in Ybor. We went to dinner and then to a free screening of Juno, which comes out next month in theatres. The movie was fantastic (After a strange combination of Wes Anderson-type directing mixed in with Napoleon Dynamite (there's literally a character that's his spitting image for a few moments), the director seemed to find his own style and the movie got progressively better. we even choked up a bit towards the end.) The company was fantastic. Other, peripheral, people were not:

1. At dinner. Normal nice waitress leaves. Strange older man waiter comes and gets new water for Keith and David. Strange older man waiter comes back and asks David, "Does your sister need some more water?" WHAT??? "No, I'm fine." Strange older man waiter walks away. Normal nice waitress comes back a few minutes later and asks if I need more water. "Yes, please." A) Please direct your question at ME if you're going to ask if I need something when I'm RIGHT THERE. B) Where do you come off making an assumption like that out loud? (Comparable to "when are you expecting?" "I'm not pregnant.") C) He's my friggin husband, moron.

2. Going into the theatre, we get free t-shirts. David is first. He asks if they have any smalls. They have one small left of the orange t-shirt and plenty of the white. David takes the white. Kallie says, "well, I'll take the last orange small." Seemingly nice man replies, "Oh, orange? You know, one day you'll grow up and go to UF." SERIOUSLY. Response, "I already did." And walked away. Not sure what the response was. Maybe Keith and Sav heard. Ugh.

I mean, I don't look THAT young. And if anything, David looks as young as I do...why do I always get picked on? This is so annoying. Note to world: stop commenting that I look like I'm 12. I'm 23. Deal.

Okay, I'm done.

Kallie's mother sent her this video. Normally she deletes things like this that her mom sends her. This one is pretty awesome. We wish we had the balls to pull this off (or any sort of confidence in our dancing skills.)

love, d&k.

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Courtney said...

If it's any consolation, over the summer I worked with the youth group at my church. Almost every trip I chaperoned someone outside of the group would ask "how high school was going" and "when was I graduating?". Their attempts at apologizing after I say "oh I already graduated...COLLEGE." were priceless.

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