Friday, November 30, 2007

picture blog!

We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal in Tallahassee with Kallie's mom, dad, and grandma.
Yes, that's right: we had deliciously smoked turkey legs for Thanksgiving, thanks to our wonderful idea and dad's amazing cooking skills on his green egg.
After stuffing ourselves to the brim, Kallie decided it was a good time to stretch out her lips for some reason. David thought it was creepy and took a photo. He tried to do the same, but Kallie won.
Over the break, Kallie finished editing the Harshbarger family's photo shoot. She packaged everything nicely and sent the package to Orlando.
With the money from the Harshbarger shoot, Kallie bought a new camera. It's a Rolleiflex Baby 4x4 and it's beautiful. This particular grey model was made in 1957. They stopped making them in 1963. There were only about 85,500 made total, from 1931 to 1963. It uses 127 roll film, which is about $5 a roll for 12 frames. But it's worth it. We still have to figure out where to send the film to get it processed (around $15 a roll). The Baby Rollei is, as you would guess, smaller than regular Rollei's, which is perfect for Kallie, since she's small. (The top right photo is looking down into the camera to the ground glass that projects the image as seen through the lens. It's pretty darn sweet. No batteries.)
Our baby (fake) Christmas tree from David's dad's attic.
Top: Our home-made advent calendar. Each contains a Bible verse and a chocolate (or whatever candy was around the house).
Bottom left: A childhood decoration from Kallie's family: you light the candles around the bottom and the heat rises, making the panels and therefore the characters in the center begin to spin.
Bottom right: A childhood decoration from David's family: "the Buckmasters". That's us.
Kallie curled her hair with a curling iron she hadn't used in ages. She felt like Goldilocks. She's also wearing her favorite yellow birthday sweater.
We sent David's old digital camera to India today. Last night, we cleaned out the memory. This was on it. It was taken at David's mom's house over a year ago, sometime after our engagement party. Kallie saw it and wished she had her normal hair back. Blondes don't have more fun. It's a lie. She wants to be brown again.

Katie and B are on their way down from Gainesville right now. Yay for friends!

Love, d&k

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Anonymous said...

I love your hair both ways!!!! But, I understand wanting the original Kallie back again!!!!
mom T

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