Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had a lovely birthday. No pictures of it. But it was fun. I finished editing the Harshbarger photo shoot, which I'll mail out today (David says there are a lot that should take precedence to go on my website - which should be up by the end of the week or early next week with the new photo shoot). I worked on Christmas stuff, like getting decorations together. David's dad washed my nasty car while it was parked at his house over the holiday (sweet). He also gave us a mini Christmas tree from his attic, which we were going to buy, so that was excellent. Plus, he gave me a Cheesecake Factory gift certificate (and AMC theatres!), so David and I had a delicious dinner for free! Grandparents from all over spoiled me with gifts and I loved getting cards, especially one from my lovely friend Amanda. She rules. I almost forgot to tell you David and his mom's gift to me! I'm going to Nikon school for a day in Orlando in January! I'm really excited to learn all of the things I can't figure out. :) I'll let you know how that goes.

David brought home mini cheesecakes with candles. It was so cute and delicious.

I burned a sweet little candle from Anzila, a long-time family friend, all day. There's no candle left now. So hopefully I can find mini candles at Target today for refills.

Mom and dad bought me this beautiful yellow New Dream blend sweater from JCrew (photo for Alisa!). I'm positive it will pop up in photos from now on. I love it. And yes, it has tiny, spherical antiqued-brass buttons. (Not to mention, they bought me a crazy load of photo equipment last month for my birthday - my new lens, light meter, transceivers, batteries, etc.)

We also got our Christmas postcards yesterday, so be certain to check the mail for that. If you've moved since we sent wedding invites, please let me know your new address if you want one!! I also bought a Moleskine address book at BAM after dinner, since all of my addresses are stored on theknot.com for our guest list. Time to change that and make your corrections!

27 people sent me birthday wishes on facebook and 1 on myspace. That's pretty cool. Thanks everyone!

We have news to come about some Christmas projects that might interest you. Keep that in mind while you're shopping this month.

Love to all!!


Alisa Kelleen said...

i'm so glad your birthday was awesome! it sounds fantastic.

we'll have to see if we can catch each other by phone sometime this week...i have a hunch baby will show any day now and make phone conversations even more sparse than they already are!! haha.

anyway, i'm glad you made it to 23. now gear up and get to 24. :)

love you!!!

melissalynn said...

YAY birthday.

MOS DEF we want a postcard. I'll need proof that I knew you before you were famous. Add us to your list if you haven't yet and you can pretend we were on it all along...

The Stewarts, Who Rock
278 Corry Village Apt. #5
Gainesville, FL 32603

d & k Buckmaster said...

Apparently we have similar brains at the moment. I just commented on your blog and sent you a facebook message to get your address. Then I looked here. Yay.

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