Monday, November 12, 2007

unexpected compliments are divine.

The really nice old maintenance man at our apartment came to fix our toilet today. On his way out, he said, "You sure do keep your apartment nice and purty." Coming from an interior designer female lineage, that made me extra happy. We really love our home and it's great when others do, too.

Also, brother-in-law, Scott, has helped me purchase nearly every piece of photography equipment I have. He also gives me great tips and has taught me a lot. Thank you, Scott.

On another note, I have been flooding myself with sweet design blogs. It's a new world that I didn't really know existed. It makes me want to make a career of blogging, really. Maybe....

Here are some of my favorites:
happy cavalier Design Mom snippet & ink Oh Happy Day Black*Eiffel decor8 Oh Joy! the SCOOP
and this is a great site, also:
Etsy ::

My 23rd birthday is in FOURTEEN days. whoa. This one snuck up fast; it's the first time I've actually felt old-ish.

love, k

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