Monday, November 5, 2007

we could have slept.

Kallie saved a turtle last week. She pulled over and risked traffic. Hopefully he didn't turn around and head back toward the road.

David enjoyed his business trip to Miami. He's really excited about work now. A lot of great things are beginning at the FBCH.

Michael Clayton wasn't as good as the buzz behind it makes you expect. It was fine, but its been done. Better than the movie was the dinner at Channelside beforehand. We had a lovely time and while waiting for the movie to start, watched a little girl go all-out on her dance moves to the live band. She was awesome.

The Gator game was a lot of fun. It was excellent to be in the stadium and not worry about passing out. The cold weather is approaching and we love it. Sorry to our friends who thought we would see them after the game - we went straight to David's dad's car and left (with a stop at Cracker Barrel in Ocala on the way home - yum!)

A tattoo artist shared his testimony at Relevant Church on Sunday. It was pretty neat. He's coming back in January to tattoo people. FYI. That morning, we woke up an hour too early. Our cell phones didn't change. So we went to Starbucks before church, bought a paper, and had breakfast. It was quite lovely. We might start a habit of that. After church, we went to lunch with the amazing Keith. We love Keith.

That night, VH1's The Shot debuted. It should be a good show, and Kallie should learn a bit.

Upcoming events:
This weekend : Saturday - Auto Show; Sunday - Ribfest
Next weekend : Christmas Portraits for the Harshbarger family in Orlando and party with friends from Summit Church
Thanksgiving weekend : Rob Bell sermon at Hard Rock Live in Orlando then to Tallahassee
the 26th : Kallie turns 23! Whoa.

love, d&k.

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