Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas

David is back to work today and tomorrow before another long 4 day weekend. Kallie has a list a mile long of things she needs to do - the most important being editing her first ever set of wedding photos (I can't wait to show them to you!)

We loved having Kallie's parents stay with us and showing them around town to meet friends and family. Sunday night, we met them at David's mom's house as they got into town and went to Rachel and Matt's wedding shower. It was tremendous fun and everyone had a blast.

On Monday, we grocery shopped and ran some other errands before heading to David's mom's again for Christmas Eve with the siblings. Some of the photos above are from that night. Then Kallie's parents went with us and Amy and Scott to Idlewild for their Christmas Eve service. It was beautiful and we got to see Scott's parents and Clay, which is always a treat.

Tuesday was Christmas! That morning, the girls cooked while David and Kallie's dad sat around reading. At 2, all of the parents and siblings came over and we had lots of food and some fun times. The rest of the photos are from Christmas Day. Great Christmas gifts include: gift cards, French Rosetta Stone, Busch Gardens 2008 passes, and Starbucks teas and mugs. Oh, and Scott brought Kallie a great book about lighting and skin tone called Skin. Yay!

A bit of a shopping spree at Michael's is also included in that list. It's going to help start an offshoot of Kallie's business: she's going to open a shop on Etsy with wedding hair pins and necklaces, every day paper goods, and some other fun items! But that's about a month away. Keep watching out for it, though!

Time to work!

Love to all,
David and Kallie

Friday, December 21, 2007

this is fantastic.

twang twang

David bought his new Martin acoustic guitar two days ago. It's very pretty and sounds amazing. We still have his old blue acoustic guitar, so naturally we recorded a song together. Will post soon. (We apologize in advance for the terrible sounds that come from the old blue guitar - it hasn't had new strings in years - and Kallie is playing it.) And yes, "America's Guitar" is "Made in Mexico". Knock on wood - Kallie has yet to catch David's cold. As long as it stays away for one more day, then we're good.
Kallie cleaned the house yesterday. Today she's finishing up and getting everything ready for her FIRST WEDDING tomorrow! Woohoo! Be praying for her photo skills around 3pm.

We were terrible and forgot to call David's dad yesterday for his BIRTHDAY!!


(He's going to help us build a new coffee table that is similar to the one pictured here. Get excited!)

Unfortunately, one of Kallie's old friends from middle school in Tallahassee died this past week. She thinks he committed suicide, but isn't sure. It's very sad. Be praying for his family.

Christmas is coming quickly! David's sister, Amy, and her hubby, Scott, are down from NYC already and Kallie's parents drive down on Sunday. And It's Friday, so tonight begins David's 5 day weekend! Horray!

much love, d&k

Two Printed Calendars!

Kallie printed out two of her 2008 Calendars and they're beautiful!
Digitally printed on heavy "iced white" (an opalescent shimmer) paper.

They're still available for purchase. The original post is < here >. I'll be enjoying mine on my desk all year long. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

from when B and Katie came to see us!

Ups and Downs for David.

David bad: David's body decided that the week before Kallie Brynn Photography's first wedding was a great time to get sick. We're both trying to stay well. Kallie is pounding vitamins like crazy and trying to eat a lot of citrus (or frozen strawberries and blueberries and grapes, like the yummy thick smoothie pictured here) and drink a lot of water. So far, so good, but it's too soon to tell if she'll catch it or not.

David good: David sold all of his guitar stuff, including his beastly amp, and now has $500 to spend on a beautiful new Martin! He found the perfect one at a guitar shop in Lakeland yesterday and took his guitar case today to go buy it and bring it home. We're really excited!

We also had a lovely time meeting up with family for Morgan's 9th birthday. We got her a pink soccer ball! Fun!


Monday, December 17, 2007

The weekend.

We had a lovely little double date with Rachel and Matt Friday night. Dinner was really good, and it's fun to hear about Matt's rising fame as a singer/songwriter. We saw I Am Legend. It wasn't at all what we expected. It was basically a zombie movie. Kallie wasn't too happy and grabbed both David and Rachel at times. I [Kallie] hate when I unknowingly see scary movies. Yuck.

Saturday, we went and saw brother-in-law Scott's dad at the hospital. He's a big Santa Clause and we really enjoyed spending some time talking to him. Please be praying for him. (You can learn more about why he's in the hospital here.)
We headed back home afterwards and sold David's Les Paul and small amp to a nice family man. His son and daughter are in their pre-teens and both play. He was a really nice guy and we're glad to know the pretty guitar will be in good hands. Now if we could only sell the massive amp that weighs a ton, then David can buy a new guitar and we can all oogle over it. :)
We took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, where David bought a new tie, and went to a good bike shop and drooled. David's dad and Louise came over and dropped off a slideshow of family photos, dating back to the late 1800's. The photos are excellent. Then they took us to Tijuana Flats to eat, which was a fantastic unexpected treat. We went down to Hyde Park later and walked around. Kallie bought a coaster (for her office) at Anthropologie and didn't even look through the clothes, haha. We came home and watched
Paris, je t'aime, which is a compilation of short films. It was good.

Sunday after church at Relevant, we walked around Ybor and Kallie took some shots with her Baby Rollei. Hopefully they turned out. We won't know for a few weeks - after the wedding this weekend, where Kallie will take more photos with her Rollei and hope that they turn out. Fingers crossed. Then we went to Lettuce Lake Park and walked the dock trails with sweaters on and enjoyed the chilly air. Kallie took videos, so maybe that'll be posted soon. We had a candlelight dinner by our tiny Christmas tree and then Kallie watched the final episode of ANTM, the only episode she's seen of the season. David went running. "The Shot" on VH1 also aired a new episode, so we watched that. It's a pretty good show.

Alisa and Tommie posted this photo today, which is absolutely adorable. Horray for the new family! We love you guys!

love, d&k

Friday, December 14, 2007

some creativity and a lot of patience

Kallie made our Christmas stockings. They turned out great! We don't exactly have a mantle, so they're hung above our tv. It works.

Lots of patience here. Kallie was bored yesterday and printed out this neat partridge in a pear tree picture and used an exacto to cut it out of some nice paper. Not sure what we'll do with it, though. Right now it's sitting in front of the glass in a picture frame with our BCM banquet photo behind it.

We've both been a bit bored lately. But we went to our little gym last night and used up some energy. We also watched one of the worst movies we've ever seen: Harsh Times with Christian Bale. Very disappointing and a very big waste of time.

Tonight we are going out with Rachel and Matt to dinner and then to see I am Legend with Will Smith.

The weather is supposed to lighten up a bit this weekend and cool off. Hopefully it will help Christmas feel like it takes place in winter.

Love, d&k.

ps: Kallie's favorite magazine, Blueprint, is shutting down. She's very upset.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We wanted to share with everyone and welcome to the world beautiful Liliana Kelleen Bozich. She was born to Tommie and Alisa Bozich on December 10th, 2007. She weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces.We are very happy to be friends of the proud parents and can't wait to meet their little one.

We love you!

PS: If you don't think you know this lovely family, you may have actually met the Bozichs once. Alisa was Kallie's matron of honor, and Tommie and Alisa played a song at our wedding.

2008 Desktop Calendar - you know you need one!!

Kallie has been working on a 2008 Desktop Calendar over the past month and has completed the final product! Get excited!

It's a 4.75" by 5.5" calendar that slips into a CD jewel case (see video below) and can sit upon your desk. Of course, you could also stick push-pins through it and hang it on your wall. The design is centered around Kallie Brynn Photography's new design! Don't you love green!? I know you're all super excited to get your hands on one of these, so please email Kallie at or comment on this post to buy one for $10 + $3 shipping. (They'll be finely printed on thick cardstock.) It also makes a great gift! Merry Christmas!

And yes, you can laugh at Kallie.

love, d&k

There's an update < here >. See them printed!

The two on the left are my favorites

This is a video that our good friend Brittany (aka B as you'll often read here) took while she was in Ghana last summer. Kallie fell in love with it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Go to and check out the new site design! There are also new photos around.
Please leave comments about it below!

Kallie is shooting her first wedding on the 22nd - that's a week and a half away! Please pray that she's prepared and does a great job!

In other news, Baby Bozich was born and has a name! We'll wait until the proud parents, Tommie and Alisa, get a chance to spread the news to announce the name and hopefully post a photo. We're so happy for them and can't wait to visit sometime in the beginning of next year (of course, we'd love travel donations, haha)!

In the past couple of weeks, we've:
seen Beowulf in 3D - Kallie loved the 3D, David wasn't too impressed with the movie.
hung out with our lovely friends, Katie and B, who came down from Gainesville and cooked Kallie a birthday dinner and cake. We went to Lowry Park's Christmas program, Where the Jingle Meets the Jungle, and had a great time!
celebrated Kallie and sister Beth's birthdays at Maggiano's with the family for a monstrous family-style meal.
seen our friends Alex and Erin, along with B, and met B's friend from her Ghana trip and got to catch up on life a bit.
driven to Orlando to have dinner with Kallie's dad, who was there on work,
in downtown Disney.
sent out our Christmas postcards.
gone to a Christmas party, where Kallie fought for her own gift in an elephant gift exchange. Ruthless.
spent a day in Lakeland looking at apartments and not being too impressed. But, we'll find one and move in May.

Its been fun. Tonight, we're driving up to Dade City to have dinner with Keith. Yay.

love, d&k

PS: Kallie's 2008 calendar is really cool. We highly suggest purchasing one. ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Gifts! Every Dollar Counts! Donate Now!

We would like to offer you ways to give this Christmas that are near to our hearts. Both of them have to do with India. That makes sense. ;)

1: David's mother and Hank have been sponsoring a church in Bangalore, India, for several years and they have grown very close with the Pastor and his wife. We have been speaking with them lately ourselves and would like to give everyone a chance to help their church. An email from Pastor Chandra to David (it is edited so that it's easier to read) is below. If you would like to fill any of the needs listed in the email, please contact us. There are several ways to help: Paypal below, sending a bank check directly to their address (contact me for the address), or sending the money to us so that we can mail everything to them together. Those are for monetary donations. For material donations, you can give/send the gifts to India through USPS. Contact us for Pastor Chandra's address to send it yourself. Here is the email:

My beloved co-workers in the vineyard of Pastor Jesus, David and sister Kallie,
May the Peace of Christ and the Grace of God Bless your Heart and Soul.
It is great to hear such a wonderful and encouraging letter from your heart. It is true that Jesus is hearing our cries for the perishing souls. I am very thankful to Jesus that He gave such a loving hearted and God fearing family friendship. He connected us before His creation of the world to fulfill His Great Mission.
I am very grateful to God for meeting our needs through you. It proves that He is the God who hears and answers our prayers to strengthen our faith in Him.
The letter you have written has given us so much encouragement and given much joy. Our hearts are filled with heavenly happiness. I am so happy and wonder about the partnership with you. It is amazing to know someone who has the burden that God has put in me. We put your wonderful letter before Jesus and prayed for it.
About money transfer:
You can send the money as cheque or you can wire the money to my account. But do as it is convenient to you.
About widows and orphans specific needs:
Yes, they surely need clothes. We have orphans from 2 to 15 years of age. You can send dresses and shoes to them. About widows, ladies in India wear sarees. I am not sure that they are available to you or not. In Bangalore, most of the day the weather remains cool, so they will need sweatshirts and shoes mostly. We would love to give them as a festival gift to the children and widows at Christmas time.
As you know they will need notebooks, pens and pencils so on. The kindergarten children will need some primary educational needs. Mostly now the children are in the need of their school fee payments. Pray for that also. We need some Sunday school material ( plannels [?], puppets, and some teaching material) for them. It will be so helpful to us to use in our daily prayers for children and in Sunday schools.
In our area most people are suffering from general diseases like cough, cold, skin diseases, fever, body pains, and gastric trouble because of vitamin deficiency. So those kinds of medicine are very useful for us. E vitamin, iron, B12 tablets and multi-vitamin tablets are preferable here.
Sewing machines:
As Karnataka is famous in fabric industries, and there are so many fabric industries, it will be very useful to the people to learn how to stitch. I am not sure about your sewing machines. In India, We use power and common machines here. When they learn to stitch, they will go and live their lives not depending on anyone. It will be very useful to the youth and widows to develop self-employment.
Would you like to ship them, too? May be it will be very expensive. And the machines you use in your country may different from ours. We may don't know how to repair them, if we get any trouble in the future. So please think about this, pray about this and do as you feel convenient. I think that it is better to buy them here, for low cost.
Please do everything as it is convenient to you. As you know it is the first time that someone is asking and sending something for us. It is totally new for us. So please make sure that will be a home delivery.
And about the needs of mine, we need a computer to maintain the profiles, files, accounts, and everything. To send you mails I have to go to 1 km to send mail and it is costly in our small village type area. So, a computer is also useful for us to have a continuous partnership and relationship. You sent this email to me on the 26th, but I went to a village which is 126 km from here for a Gospel Meeting. Yesterday I came to Bangalore and then I saw it. I am unable to send a letter immediately. If I have a Computer System I can do my corresponding quickly. We want a vehicle for our church evangelism team to reach every village where there is no Jesus. Some musical instruments and sound system for our worship team in our church. We have been praying for them.
We hope you know the condition of our church, and that we are surviving by their tithes. As they are not meeting all of our needs, the forcing need of ours is a monthly support of 200 USDs (if $ rate is 40 Rupees). So please pray for that and think about this. This will meet the needs of our family.
You can send your checks or wire the money to my account number by my name K. Vijaya Chandra.
[Ask us for bank information and/or address.]
About the plan to provide for themselves, it is what we are trying to do. But because we are unable to afford it, it has been a thought, but I thank God for His help through you.
Thank you so much. You can mail the things by Courier . God bless you.

Pastor K. Vijaya Chandra
My contact phone number
[If you like, we can give this to you, also.]
My wife Manjula and our church members and our youth are praying for your vision.
Our heartly greetings to you and for your life partner and Gods precious gift Kallie. Our prayers and blessings be with you Always.
1. Church Members
2. Widow women and poor old men
3.Some of our Junior youth are singing in church
5&6 some of our church women and youth are honoring my wife at the time of her birthday.
with love,
Pastor and Manjula

Donate through Paypal below (Click the "donate" button) and we'll send a check with the total donation amount at the end of December.

Compassion, International. If you would like to sponsor a child for $32 a month (really, it's not much - Kallie has been doing it since mid 2005 - college - and we're even poorer now), it will probably be the best commitment you'll ever make with your money. If a monthly commitment isn't right for you, this page has many funds ready for your contribution. Also, if you would like to donate to Jyothi, our "child," please feel free to send us money and we'll send it to her right away. She's 6.

I know this is a lot of text, but hopefully something will grab at your heart and you'll be able to help people that have so little this Christmas.

Love, d&k.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Advent Info

We decided to celebrate Christmas this year by celebrating traditional Advent along with the usual Advent calendar (candy), plus a fun Advent activity calendar.

Some of our friends didn't know much about Advent, so Kallie is going to share some of her research (which could be flawed, but this is what she gathered):

Advent means "coming" and therefore seen as the "coming of our Savior." It is a period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebrations of the Nativity of Christ (Christmas) which begins on Advent Sunday. The fourth Sunday before Christmas Day (between November 27th and December 3rd) is Advent Sunday. Advent ends on December 24th (the Vigil of Christmas). Throughout the month, you prepare for the second coming of Christ while commemorating the first coming.

To help celebrate Advent, one candle is lit every Sunday. A wreath of evergreens is made (Target gives out free cut branches from the bottoms of their Christmas trees - perfect for winding together a wreath), symbolizing eternity. Three purple candles and one rose candle stand in a circle with the wreath. A 5th white or gold candle stands in the center as the Christ candle and is lit on Christmas Eve or Day. The first Sunday is about Hope, the second about Peace, and the fourth about Love (really, they're all about all of these - hope, peace, and love.) These are the three purple candles. The third Sunday represents Joy for Christ's coming and the rose-colored candle is lit. This Sunday (the third) is called Gaudete Sunday, which means "rejoice" for the Lord is coming. (The candles were originally lit to help mark time until the return of the sun through the winter.) Christ is the light that dispels the darkness (John 1:5) and the light of the world (John 8:12).

Our Advent calendar, pictured two posts ago (the red and green baggies with numbers) count down the days until Christmas. Inside each one is a candy to split and a Bible verse, correlating to the current Advent week (this week is about hope of the coming of Christ). We have also made a calendar for the month, which includes things like ice skating, making cookies or cider, and watching many Christmas movies.

We highly recommend celebrating the month of December with Advent. Don't get lost in spending money or Coca-Cola's Santa creation. Instead, focus on the reason we even have Christmas - a Christ that came to give us life.

Much love,


Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Photos Posted

Go to
Click on the "Harshbarger Christmas 2007" Collection to see the new photos!

There are also selects on my Flickr page, which you can get to through the image to right of this post.

Love, k!!
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