Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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Kallie is shooting her first wedding on the 22nd - that's a week and a half away! Please pray that she's prepared and does a great job!

In other news, Baby Bozich was born and has a name! We'll wait until the proud parents, Tommie and Alisa, get a chance to spread the news to announce the name and hopefully post a photo. We're so happy for them and can't wait to visit sometime in the beginning of next year (of course, we'd love travel donations, haha)!

In the past couple of weeks, we've:
seen Beowulf in 3D - Kallie loved the 3D, David wasn't too impressed with the movie.
hung out with our lovely friends, Katie and B, who came down from Gainesville and cooked Kallie a birthday dinner and cake. We went to Lowry Park's Christmas program, Where the Jingle Meets the Jungle, and had a great time!
celebrated Kallie and sister Beth's birthdays at Maggiano's with the family for a monstrous family-style meal.
seen our friends Alex and Erin, along with B, and met B's friend from her Ghana trip and got to catch up on life a bit.
driven to Orlando to have dinner with Kallie's dad, who was there on work,
in downtown Disney.
sent out our Christmas postcards.
gone to a Christmas party, where Kallie fought for her own gift in an elephant gift exchange. Ruthless.
spent a day in Lakeland looking at apartments and not being too impressed. But, we'll find one and move in May.

Its been fun. Tonight, we're driving up to Dade City to have dinner with Keith. Yay.

love, d&k

PS: Kallie's 2008 calendar is really cool. We highly suggest purchasing one. ;)

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