Friday, December 14, 2007

some creativity and a lot of patience

Kallie made our Christmas stockings. They turned out great! We don't exactly have a mantle, so they're hung above our tv. It works.

Lots of patience here. Kallie was bored yesterday and printed out this neat partridge in a pear tree picture and used an exacto to cut it out of some nice paper. Not sure what we'll do with it, though. Right now it's sitting in front of the glass in a picture frame with our BCM banquet photo behind it.

We've both been a bit bored lately. But we went to our little gym last night and used up some energy. We also watched one of the worst movies we've ever seen: Harsh Times with Christian Bale. Very disappointing and a very big waste of time.

Tonight we are going out with Rachel and Matt to dinner and then to see I am Legend with Will Smith.

The weather is supposed to lighten up a bit this weekend and cool off. Hopefully it will help Christmas feel like it takes place in winter.

Love, d&k.

ps: Kallie's favorite magazine, Blueprint, is shutting down. She's very upset.

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Beth Stevenson said...

Those stockings really are cute!!!

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