Friday, December 21, 2007

twang twang

David bought his new Martin acoustic guitar two days ago. It's very pretty and sounds amazing. We still have his old blue acoustic guitar, so naturally we recorded a song together. Will post soon. (We apologize in advance for the terrible sounds that come from the old blue guitar - it hasn't had new strings in years - and Kallie is playing it.) And yes, "America's Guitar" is "Made in Mexico". Knock on wood - Kallie has yet to catch David's cold. As long as it stays away for one more day, then we're good.
Kallie cleaned the house yesterday. Today she's finishing up and getting everything ready for her FIRST WEDDING tomorrow! Woohoo! Be praying for her photo skills around 3pm.

We were terrible and forgot to call David's dad yesterday for his BIRTHDAY!!


(He's going to help us build a new coffee table that is similar to the one pictured here. Get excited!)

Unfortunately, one of Kallie's old friends from middle school in Tallahassee died this past week. She thinks he committed suicide, but isn't sure. It's very sad. Be praying for his family.

Christmas is coming quickly! David's sister, Amy, and her hubby, Scott, are down from NYC already and Kallie's parents drive down on Sunday. And It's Friday, so tonight begins David's 5 day weekend! Horray!

much love, d&k

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