Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas

David is back to work today and tomorrow before another long 4 day weekend. Kallie has a list a mile long of things she needs to do - the most important being editing her first ever set of wedding photos (I can't wait to show them to you!)

We loved having Kallie's parents stay with us and showing them around town to meet friends and family. Sunday night, we met them at David's mom's house as they got into town and went to Rachel and Matt's wedding shower. It was tremendous fun and everyone had a blast.

On Monday, we grocery shopped and ran some other errands before heading to David's mom's again for Christmas Eve with the siblings. Some of the photos above are from that night. Then Kallie's parents went with us and Amy and Scott to Idlewild for their Christmas Eve service. It was beautiful and we got to see Scott's parents and Clay, which is always a treat.

Tuesday was Christmas! That morning, the girls cooked while David and Kallie's dad sat around reading. At 2, all of the parents and siblings came over and we had lots of food and some fun times. The rest of the photos are from Christmas Day. Great Christmas gifts include: gift cards, French Rosetta Stone, Busch Gardens 2008 passes, and Starbucks teas and mugs. Oh, and Scott brought Kallie a great book about lighting and skin tone called Skin. Yay!

A bit of a shopping spree at Michael's is also included in that list. It's going to help start an offshoot of Kallie's business: she's going to open a shop on Etsy with wedding hair pins and necklaces, every day paper goods, and some other fun items! But that's about a month away. Keep watching out for it, though!

Time to work!

Love to all,
David and Kallie

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