Monday, December 17, 2007

The weekend.

We had a lovely little double date with Rachel and Matt Friday night. Dinner was really good, and it's fun to hear about Matt's rising fame as a singer/songwriter. We saw I Am Legend. It wasn't at all what we expected. It was basically a zombie movie. Kallie wasn't too happy and grabbed both David and Rachel at times. I [Kallie] hate when I unknowingly see scary movies. Yuck.

Saturday, we went and saw brother-in-law Scott's dad at the hospital. He's a big Santa Clause and we really enjoyed spending some time talking to him. Please be praying for him. (You can learn more about why he's in the hospital here.)
We headed back home afterwards and sold David's Les Paul and small amp to a nice family man. His son and daughter are in their pre-teens and both play. He was a really nice guy and we're glad to know the pretty guitar will be in good hands. Now if we could only sell the massive amp that weighs a ton, then David can buy a new guitar and we can all oogle over it. :)
We took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, where David bought a new tie, and went to a good bike shop and drooled. David's dad and Louise came over and dropped off a slideshow of family photos, dating back to the late 1800's. The photos are excellent. Then they took us to Tijuana Flats to eat, which was a fantastic unexpected treat. We went down to Hyde Park later and walked around. Kallie bought a coaster (for her office) at Anthropologie and didn't even look through the clothes, haha. We came home and watched
Paris, je t'aime, which is a compilation of short films. It was good.

Sunday after church at Relevant, we walked around Ybor and Kallie took some shots with her Baby Rollei. Hopefully they turned out. We won't know for a few weeks - after the wedding this weekend, where Kallie will take more photos with her Rollei and hope that they turn out. Fingers crossed. Then we went to Lettuce Lake Park and walked the dock trails with sweaters on and enjoyed the chilly air. Kallie took videos, so maybe that'll be posted soon. We had a candlelight dinner by our tiny Christmas tree and then Kallie watched the final episode of ANTM, the only episode she's seen of the season. David went running. "The Shot" on VH1 also aired a new episode, so we watched that. It's a pretty good show.

Alisa and Tommie posted this photo today, which is absolutely adorable. Horray for the new family! We love you guys!

love, d&k

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