Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

An extremely large photo dump. with update.

It was a long weekend, but fun indeed. We drove to Orlando on Saturday and had lunch with David's dad, Louise, Catherine, Grandma, and Charlie. It was delicious and nice spending time with David's adorable grandmother.
Then we met up with Rachel, Matt,
Logan, and Laura at Ikea. We were there for a couple of hours before heading to Back Booth to see Brer, Baron Von Bear, and Mike Dunn play. Eric, Matt's brother came in from Jacksonville, which is always a treat. He brought his friend, Aaron Strumpel, who is apparently a pretty big deal. It was definitely a great night of hanging out with friends and jamming to good music.

This past Thursday night, we went to see Matt play at the Bunker, a really neat coffee shop in Ybor. His Atlantic agent was there, so all of the families and friends packed the sma
ll building (including the Mahaffey's, pictured below). Great music as always.
Rachel gave us a "1 Year" anniversary card, which is absolutely excellent. We love it.
And here are some photos from our trip around Florida a couple of weeks ago:
We went fishing with Kallie's dad. Great fun.

He's a true fisherman. This is another one of his contraptions.

We own a moving company: AmeriMOVE, hence ShallowMOVER (a flats fisherman).
There were dead horse shoe crabs all over.

Kallie scooped up some scallops to show to David.

Kallie is a better (and fiercer) fisher than David.
We were surrounded by thousands of mullet, which could have been good had some red fish come to eat them. The only predator that came, though, was this pelican. He would fly right over the water and all of the mullet would start freaking out and jumping at the surface. The pelican did this multiple times. I doubt he goes hungry.

Kallie wanted to take photos of her beautiful parents while we were visiting. She picked out their outfits and took them to one of the magnificent oak trees in the back yard. Aren't they adorable!! K didn't even have to edit any of these. Love it!

And the trip ended with a gloomy drive back home from Miami. (Though Kallie counted at least fifty gators on Alligator Alley!!)
Kallie has been wearing her hair like this on occasion.

She has also discovered bokeh. Oooooh:

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Please take 12 minutes to watch this.


This is Kallie with her natural hair color. Can't you tell? Haha. Just a silly website:
Yes, it's called Poupeegirl. Strange, I agree. But it's fun creating avatars. I can't read Japanese in the least, but I think the point of the website is to create your own wardrobe on your computer - like actually design and make it in Illustrator or something. I'm not that interested, so I opted to use some of their about 10 stock "clothes". If you don't design your own, you can actually buy the "clothing". What a waste of money!

In more relevant news, we had our first Relevant Church community group last night. We think it's going to be good. We're reading How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth. Apparently it's a dense read, but we should be able to handle it. The people in our group seem cool. And we're not awkwardly the youngest. One girl is 22 from what we gathered. She also lived in Gainesville for school for a while (and she's really funny - at first we were worried about it, but then we realized that she's genuinely funny and we laughed a lot). We are the only married couple. But that's a nice break from some young couples we've met that feel they have to act like they're going on 40. We're happy to be around normal twenty-somethings.

The Once soundtrack is seriously awesome. I can't get enough.

love, k(&d)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Diana and Tim Arnold

The photos are all edited. Here is a teaser. (The whole lot won't be posted for a few more weeks.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sad news

It's seriously terrible to hear about Heath Ledger. David called me on the way home from work and had just heard from the radio that he died. A minute later, my mom called with the same news. I've watched Heath since Ten Things I Hate About You (1999). Yes, he was my celebrity crush for quite a while. I've seen almost all of his movies since then (Patriot, A Knight's Tale, Monster's Ball, The Four Feathers, Lords of Dogtown, Brokeback Mountain, Casanova, and Candy - with already definite plans to see I'm Not There and the new Batman movie).
He's extremely talented and reserved, which is nice for a young actor. He was only 28. He has a two-year-old baby girl with Michelle Williams, who I watched weekly on Dawson's Creek. I've also seen some of her films and am a fan. I feel terrible for Michelle and their daughter. I can't imagine. And they have to deal with all of the press. Anyway, it's just sad and David and I both feel upset about the situation.


Monday, January 21, 2008


Kallie went to Nikon school in Orlando at Sea World all day Sunday. She woke up at 6:30am - can you believe it!? - and got home around 6pm. She took lots of notes and learned some good stuff. She's excited to take some really great photos, though that's a normal feeling. Now she feels more comfortable with some of the post-processing stuff. It's good.

David went to church by himself, bought Kallie an amazing pillow (one that we bought for him a while ago and Kallie has been drooling over since), cooked dinner in the slow cooker and made it taste delicious, and other errands. He was a very good husband yesterday (and always).

We had dinner with Rachel and Matt Friday night and then went and saw Cloverfield (Kyle joined us). Good movie. Kallie was the only one who saw "it" fall from the sky into the water in the last scene. And apparently we left too early and the two characters say a few things at the end of the credits. All in all, Kallie had bad dreams that night and is again refusing to see any scary movies. This happens too often. Hopefully at some point in time it will stick.

Saturday evening, we went bike riding around David's dad's neighborhood and the pedal on David's bike came off on the street with all of the big dogs. Eish.

Hopefully you had a lovely weekend!

love, d&k

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

regal, blue

My mother-in-law was excellent and offered to spend her Banana Republic coupon on us kids, knowing we love the BR. When we got home from our trip, my new shirt was sitting at the front door. After settling in, I tried it on and I LOVE IT! It's fantastic, and way cuter than this photo makes it look. Yay! Thank you, Annella!!

love, k

ps: shout out to! Get your finances in gear with pie charts, bar graphs, and totals to make you see how you really spend your life, what matters to you most!!


Kallie needs a desk chair. She's currently using a dinner table chair and it isn't very comfortable, nor supportive.

This chair by PBTeen is fantastic. Kallie likes the blue frame / white fabric the best. The green comes in at close second, though the off-white doesn't quite go with her KBP design.

Kallie is nearly obsessed with Louis chairs. She would love to get rid of her dining table chairs and get Louis ones (and get creative with reupholstering and painting them). Actually, Kallie is nearly obsessed with many things French. Marie Antoinette (Sophia Coppola AND Kirsten Dunst AND Jason Schwartzman) is a favorite (filmed AT Versailles! Amazing!) and she's loving learning French. You'll see the influence for certain when Kallie launches her store on etsy.

We don't have the income for any of this. But it's a nice thought. ;)


home, relatively sweet home

We're super stoked to be home from our trip...
unfortunately, home smelled strange, due to a dead echeveria cactus (boo!!), and was filled with hundreds of tiny sugar ants, searching for things they didn't find and coming from some place that only God knows - how strange to not find the place of entry!

Today is the last day of six days around Florida - corner to corner. We couldn't be happier that it's over! We were so exhausted yesterday that we didn't bother to explore south Miami. Though we did eat dinner at a very nice mall (Dadeland). A quick overview:
Spent the weekend with Kallie's parents in Tallahassee and fished on Saturday with dad for a few hours (pictures to be posted soon).
Had dinner at a restaurant that is dumb enough to staple over 700,000 one dollar bills to the ceiling and walls with Dan Benigno in Pensacola. He let Kallie use his apartment while he (and David) were at work. Loved seeing Dan!
Saw Ron Paul's stretch limo-type thing on I-10: Ron Paul Revolution. Also saw his signs on about every overpass the entire trip.
Were wiped out in Jacksonville but went to St. John's Town Center anyway. They've opened a whole new section since we had been there last. We wish it was a block away from us, we love it so much. Kate Spade is opening soon (Kallie gets twitter-pated).
Almost passed out from exhaustion and full bladders on the way to Miami. The floor of the hotel they had us booked for was flooded so they comped our night (well, comped David's work) at a much better hotel, which was a nice blessing in disguise. We really loved how the girl said it was ten minutes away...ten minutes for 60 blocks one way and then about 40 another. Yeah, more like 40 minutes. We're convinced that Holiday Inn Express is the only great hotel at a decent price. We plan to stay at them from now on.

Lula Magazine is worth the $15 for the British import.

We think guys are more wired for non-fiction and girls are more wired for fiction. In general.

Kallie finished The Great Divorce and loved it. She wishes it hadn't been a dream...though likening it to Revelation and Paul's dreams and visions helps. Some faves:
"But ye can get some likeness of it if ye say that both good and evil, when they are full grown, become retroscpective. Not only this valley but all their earthly past will have been Heaven to those who are saved. Not only the twilight in that town, but all their life on Earth too, will then be seen by the damned to have been Hell. That is what mortals misunderstand. They say of some temporal suffering, 'No future bliss can make up for it,' not knowing that Heaven, once attained, will work backwards and turn even that agony into a glory. [...] And that is why, at the end of all things, when the sun rises here and the twilight turns to blackness down there, the Blessed will say 'We have never lived anywhere except in Heaven,' and the Lost, 'We were always in Hell.' And both will speak truly."
"But Heaven is not a state of mind. Heaven is reality itself. All that is fully real is Heavenly. For all that can be shaken will be shaken and only the unshakeable remains."
"Ye cannot fully understand the relations of choice and Time till you are beyond both."
"The sane would do no good if they made themselves mad to help madmen."
"All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. To those who knock it is opened."
"When you painted on earth - at least in your earlier days - it was because you caught glimpses of Heaven in the earthly landscape. The success of your painting was that it enabled others to see the glimpses too." (Substitute "painting" with "photography".)
"Either the day must come when joy prevails and all the makers of misery are no linger able to infect it: or else for ever and ever the makers of misery can destroy in others the happiness they reject for themselves. I know it has a grand sounds to say ye'll accept no salvation which leaves even one creature in the dark outside."
"The passion of Pity, the Pity we merely suffer, the ache that draws men to concede what should not be conceded and to flatter when they should speak truth, the pity that has cheated many a woman out of her virginity and many a stateman out of his honesty - that will die. It was used as a weapon by bad men against good ones: their weapon will be broken."
"All Hell is smaller than one pebble of your earthly world: but it is smaller than one atom of this world, the Real World."
"And yet all loneliness, angers, hatreds, envies and itchings that [Hell] contains, if rolled into one single experience and put into the scale against the least moment of the joy that is felt by the least in Heaven, would have no weight that could be registered at all. Bad cannot succeed even in being bad as truly as good is good."
"For a damned soul is nearly nothing: it is shrunk, shut up in itself. Good beats upon the damned incessantly [...] but they cannot receive it."
"Freedom: the gift whereby ye most resemble your Maker and are yourselves parts of eternal reality. But ye can see it only through the lens of Time, in a little clear picture, through the inverted telescope. [...] For every attempt to see the shape of eternity except through the lens of Time destroys your knowledge of Freedom."

Back to the grind.

Love, d&k

Friday, January 11, 2008

How to read a book for free on Amazon

1. Cut a hole in the wait, that's not right
1. Go to and find a book that has the "Search Inside" emblem.
2. Click on the "Search Inside" emblem
3. In the search bar, type in words that may be common in the book, with the | symbol in between.

For example, you may want to read Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil by Robert Zubrin. Go to the book, search inside, and then type energy | oil | islam | terror.

4. The index should give you the whole book, or pretty close to it. Typing more words will surely get the whole thing.

So you can either go to a library and read it for free, or just sit at your computer. I could never read a whole book on the computer, so I will be using this to read a couple chapters, and then buy it if I like what I see.
Happy reading.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weekend Recap.

Saturday was a fantastic day. We met Amy, Scott, David's mom, and Hank for lunch at Lee Roy Selmon's in New Tampa. Yummy. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Amy and Scott. They left the next morning. We really enjoyed spending time with them while they were here, though. We're always taking donations to buy plane tickets to go visit them. We left lunch and headed to Busch Gardens to begin the wonderful 2008 year passes that David's dad gave us for Christmas. It had been over a year since we had gone on roller coasters. Kallie was super excited, but found herself rather dizzy when getting off of the rides. We mostly looked at sweet animals. Our fave was watching the hippo glide and spin around under the water right next to the window. We also watched an egret dive into the water and catch a fish and swallow it. It was sweet being able to see the bird under the water...we've seen a lot of birds dive bomb lakes around here lately, but we have no underwater view. :)
We saw a Ron Paul blimp at a little airway strip on the way home.

That night, Clay, Bethany, Jon, Megan, and Kiley came over. We played Kiley's Wii mostly (Guitar Hero and sports). We liked tennis and bowling - we hadn't played those before. After everyone but Kiley left, the two of us battled at Wii boxing. It was hilarious. We wish
we had a photo. Kallie won the first round, but David beat Kallie up after that. Domestic abuse.

Sunday was a more fantastic day. We woke up, packed,
and drove to Sanibel Island. It was our ONE YEAR anniversary!! We arrived two hours before check-in, but the room was ready, so we were stoked. We stayed at the Seaside Inn, which was really nice, though probably a little overpriced, especially with the super thin walls that led us to wake up before we wanted. We unloaded our stuff, put on shorts, and grabbed the complimentary bikes to check out the island (Kallie took some photos with her Baby Rollei, but we won't have those for a while). Everyone bikes there. There's an oversized sidewalk along every main road specifically for bicycles. Amazing! We had a blast and loved every moment of it. Our favorite place was the little book store owned by a rather young looking lady for 8 years (she was from New York and had lived on the island for 13 years. She said her husband is from Germany, so they'll shut down the store for three months when tourism is low and go to Germany. Sweet life.)
We got back to the hotel just in time for sunset (we biked about 15 miles) on the beach. Then to Island Cow for a delicious dinner.

Monday - The next morning, we packed up and then walked to the lighthouse. We went to a little diner in the local market for lunch (we ate breakfast) and then drove the rest of the island. After "downtown" Sanibel, there's nothing for several miles until you reach the west end of the island. It picks up again, with some of the same restaurants as the east end (where we stayed). And then comes the multi-million dollar homes. Seriously massive with water on both sides of the home. Some had long driveways covered with lush trees and shrubs, so we couldn't see them. Others were just being built. It was absolutely gorgeous.
We headed home and watched most of Ohio State getting beat by the SEC again.

Click here for the rest of the photos on flicker.

Sunday was the absolutely perfect way to spend our anniversary. We're very blessed and in love and excited about our second year, full of trips to Busch Gardens!

love, d&k.
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