Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

Mes meilleurs voeux!
That's what our daily French phrases calendar (that Kallie's parents gave us) says.
It means "Best wishes!"

The apartment is quite chilly today. It's a welcomed change, even if it makes us a little sniffly.

All of the Christmas decorations are being wrapped up and put away. Our collection of decorations tripled this year with trips to our parents' homes. Seems like everyone is getting rid of their Christmas decor and handing it over to us. We don't mind for the most part. :)

We've had a lovely time these past couple of weeks with family. We spent New Years Eve with Amy and Scott at Jen and Nathan's house. Nathan used to lead youth worship at Idlewild and David would play back-up guitar. We had a nice time and loved seeing Jen and Nate's adorable daughter, Kate, who we woke up for a few minutes after midnight to meet.

We ate even more good food at David's dad's house yesterday for the football game. We're sad the Gators lost, but we're excited about next year. Tonight, the young ladies of the family are getting together at a tea room to hang out. :)

We're back to a bit of normalcy for a few days. David is at work and Kallie is blogging...and working, of course. ;) David is taking off work on Monday so we can spend two days on Sanibel Island for our 1 year anniversary Sunday night. We're super excited. We plan on biking and kayaking and getting breakfast in bed. Lovely. Then the following Friday, we're off on a mad dash around the state to Tallahassee, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Miami, and back to Tampa so David can have 2-hour meetings with different children's homes. If you're in one of those cities the 11th to 16th, please let us know!!

On January 20th, Kallie goes to Nikon School in Orlando for the day. If anyone is in Orlando for David to hang out with, please let us know!

We wish you all the best in 2008 and hope to see you all!

Love, d&k

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