Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Kallie needs a desk chair. She's currently using a dinner table chair and it isn't very comfortable, nor supportive.

This chair by PBTeen is fantastic. Kallie likes the blue frame / white fabric the best. The green comes in at close second, though the off-white doesn't quite go with her KBP design.

Kallie is nearly obsessed with Louis chairs. She would love to get rid of her dining table chairs and get Louis ones (and get creative with reupholstering and painting them). Actually, Kallie is nearly obsessed with many things French. Marie Antoinette (Sophia Coppola AND Kirsten Dunst AND Jason Schwartzman) is a favorite (filmed AT Versailles! Amazing!) and she's loving learning French. You'll see the influence for certain when Kallie launches her store on etsy.

We don't have the income for any of this. But it's a nice thought. ;)


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