Monday, January 28, 2008

An extremely large photo dump. with update.

It was a long weekend, but fun indeed. We drove to Orlando on Saturday and had lunch with David's dad, Louise, Catherine, Grandma, and Charlie. It was delicious and nice spending time with David's adorable grandmother.
Then we met up with Rachel, Matt,
Logan, and Laura at Ikea. We were there for a couple of hours before heading to Back Booth to see Brer, Baron Von Bear, and Mike Dunn play. Eric, Matt's brother came in from Jacksonville, which is always a treat. He brought his friend, Aaron Strumpel, who is apparently a pretty big deal. It was definitely a great night of hanging out with friends and jamming to good music.

This past Thursday night, we went to see Matt play at the Bunker, a really neat coffee shop in Ybor. His Atlantic agent was there, so all of the families and friends packed the sma
ll building (including the Mahaffey's, pictured below). Great music as always.
Rachel gave us a "1 Year" anniversary card, which is absolutely excellent. We love it.
And here are some photos from our trip around Florida a couple of weeks ago:
We went fishing with Kallie's dad. Great fun.

He's a true fisherman. This is another one of his contraptions.

We own a moving company: AmeriMOVE, hence ShallowMOVER (a flats fisherman).
There were dead horse shoe crabs all over.

Kallie scooped up some scallops to show to David.

Kallie is a better (and fiercer) fisher than David.
We were surrounded by thousands of mullet, which could have been good had some red fish come to eat them. The only predator that came, though, was this pelican. He would fly right over the water and all of the mullet would start freaking out and jumping at the surface. The pelican did this multiple times. I doubt he goes hungry.

Kallie wanted to take photos of her beautiful parents while we were visiting. She picked out their outfits and took them to one of the magnificent oak trees in the back yard. Aren't they adorable!! K didn't even have to edit any of these. Love it!

And the trip ended with a gloomy drive back home from Miami. (Though Kallie counted at least fifty gators on Alligator Alley!!)
Kallie has been wearing her hair like this on occasion.

She has also discovered bokeh. Oooooh:


rachel said...

I made the blog!

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Your parents look like models, no joke!

How do you do your hair like that? Pinned pigtails?

:) Melissa

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