Monday, January 21, 2008


Kallie went to Nikon school in Orlando at Sea World all day Sunday. She woke up at 6:30am - can you believe it!? - and got home around 6pm. She took lots of notes and learned some good stuff. She's excited to take some really great photos, though that's a normal feeling. Now she feels more comfortable with some of the post-processing stuff. It's good.

David went to church by himself, bought Kallie an amazing pillow (one that we bought for him a while ago and Kallie has been drooling over since), cooked dinner in the slow cooker and made it taste delicious, and other errands. He was a very good husband yesterday (and always).

We had dinner with Rachel and Matt Friday night and then went and saw Cloverfield (Kyle joined us). Good movie. Kallie was the only one who saw "it" fall from the sky into the water in the last scene. And apparently we left too early and the two characters say a few things at the end of the credits. All in all, Kallie had bad dreams that night and is again refusing to see any scary movies. This happens too often. Hopefully at some point in time it will stick.

Saturday evening, we went bike riding around David's dad's neighborhood and the pedal on David's bike came off on the street with all of the big dogs. Eish.

Hopefully you had a lovely weekend!

love, d&k

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