Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'Twas the night before the caucus...

Worst Logo. Best Candidate.

My primary vote is going to John McCain. Why?

In a nutshell, it's because of his foreign policy credibility and his rare ability to stick it to his own party. I like that. Keep shaking things up, John. No, I don't care about McCain-Feingold or his immigration stances (which I think have been blown way out of proportion).

Romney strikes me as a phony, but I respect his business background. Huckabee's record is awkward at best, but his support of the fair tax and his talk of tying trade to human rights advancements is great. Oh, and Guiliani is just a total waste of space.

I actually line up with a lot of what Ron Paul says. For example, I think Iraq was a mistake (though since we are there we need something positive to come of it), the "war on drugs" has been a huge failure, capital punishment is wrong, etc. I just think he's a little too crazy to be President. I'm praying for a McCain/Paul ticket (so McCain can keep Paul on a leash), although I know that's laughable.

Make sure you vote next month (if you are in Florida)! I don't care who for, just read/think/pray about the issues and do it!

Go John Go.


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