Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weekend Recap.

Saturday was a fantastic day. We met Amy, Scott, David's mom, and Hank for lunch at Lee Roy Selmon's in New Tampa. Yummy. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Amy and Scott. They left the next morning. We really enjoyed spending time with them while they were here, though. We're always taking donations to buy plane tickets to go visit them. We left lunch and headed to Busch Gardens to begin the wonderful 2008 year passes that David's dad gave us for Christmas. It had been over a year since we had gone on roller coasters. Kallie was super excited, but found herself rather dizzy when getting off of the rides. We mostly looked at sweet animals. Our fave was watching the hippo glide and spin around under the water right next to the window. We also watched an egret dive into the water and catch a fish and swallow it. It was sweet being able to see the bird under the water...we've seen a lot of birds dive bomb lakes around here lately, but we have no underwater view. :)
We saw a Ron Paul blimp at a little airway strip on the way home.

That night, Clay, Bethany, Jon, Megan, and Kiley came over. We played Kiley's Wii mostly (Guitar Hero and sports). We liked tennis and bowling - we hadn't played those before. After everyone but Kiley left, the two of us battled at Wii boxing. It was hilarious. We wish
we had a photo. Kallie won the first round, but David beat Kallie up after that. Domestic abuse.

Sunday was a more fantastic day. We woke up, packed,
and drove to Sanibel Island. It was our ONE YEAR anniversary!! We arrived two hours before check-in, but the room was ready, so we were stoked. We stayed at the Seaside Inn, which was really nice, though probably a little overpriced, especially with the super thin walls that led us to wake up before we wanted. We unloaded our stuff, put on shorts, and grabbed the complimentary bikes to check out the island (Kallie took some photos with her Baby Rollei, but we won't have those for a while). Everyone bikes there. There's an oversized sidewalk along every main road specifically for bicycles. Amazing! We had a blast and loved every moment of it. Our favorite place was the little book store owned by a rather young looking lady for 8 years (she was from New York and had lived on the island for 13 years. She said her husband is from Germany, so they'll shut down the store for three months when tourism is low and go to Germany. Sweet life.)
We got back to the hotel just in time for sunset (we biked about 15 miles) on the beach. Then to Island Cow for a delicious dinner.

Monday - The next morning, we packed up and then walked to the lighthouse. We went to a little diner in the local market for lunch (we ate breakfast) and then drove the rest of the island. After "downtown" Sanibel, there's nothing for several miles until you reach the west end of the island. It picks up again, with some of the same restaurants as the east end (where we stayed). And then comes the multi-million dollar homes. Seriously massive with water on both sides of the home. Some had long driveways covered with lush trees and shrubs, so we couldn't see them. Others were just being built. It was absolutely gorgeous.
We headed home and watched most of Ohio State getting beat by the SEC again.

Click here for the rest of the photos on flicker.

Sunday was the absolutely perfect way to spend our anniversary. We're very blessed and in love and excited about our second year, full of trips to Busch Gardens!

love, d&k.

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Clifton said...

I can help you with that domestic abuse problem, that is unless you deserved it :-) haha. I like Wii bowling too - it's fun stuff

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