Thursday, February 28, 2008

Website Spiff-up is now easier for everyone to view!
The previous photo format was difficult for people depending on browser, internet connection, and computer. So now it should be easy for everyone!
I hope you like it!

Tonight we're going to see a free screening of Penelope - Christina Ricci plays a girl cursed with a pig nose and ears who needs to find prince charming to break her curse. Yes, that's right. David is okay with seeing a girl movie if it's free. So we're off to the movies!

Don't forget we're coming to Gainesville Saturday!

Love, d&k

PS: Kallie has sold a necklace (to her mother in law) and a set of 5 bridal hair pins (to a Jessica in WA)! Yay!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

good start

I decided to start the week off right:
I ordered my Grandpa's 80th Birthday Surprise photo book last night - check - already done.
I made poppy seed pancakes for brunch - yes, they would have been fluffier with milk, not soy - yes, I was 120% full by pancake number three, with two more on the skillet and a ton of mix left - I hate wasting food, but it wasn't going to happen.
I uploaded 6 necklaces to my etsy shoppe - be sure to check them out and buy what you like and/or tell your friends! [She also slightly lowered the prices for her hair pins!]

We had a fun weekend. Mostly chill, which was nice after a hectic week.

Friday night, we went on a movie and ice cream date. We saw Be Kind Rewind and loved it. David is already coming up with ideas for Sweded films.

Saturday, we ran some errands and vegged out a bit. That night, I went to a bachelorette/lingerie shower for Rachel. I had a really great time. We went to Samurai Blue in Ybor for dinner. I realized I really like edamame and plan to figure out where to buy the pods (couldn't find them at Publix) so I don't have to buy the $5 tiny package in the organic section. We went to Tara's afterwards for lingerie, cookies, strawberries, and probably too much telling of married life stories - I laughed a lot.

David went on a man date with Kylie. They went to dinner and to see Vantage Point. He said I'm not missing anything and that the crowd was obnoxious.

It was really weird leaving David at home and leaving to go out for the night.

Sunday, we went to Relevant. Yes, the Relevant Church that has been all over the news lately. We're doing a series called the "30 Day Sex Challenge". It has gained tons of buzz, which is awesome and is stretching our church leaders thin. But they're doing a really good job. We're proud of them. We enjoyed the sermon and plan to watch the one we missed while in Jackson soon. That afternoon, we filled out these "emotional needs" forms that go along with the series. And we had a really good time doing it. We really love our relationship. ;)

That night, we watched Almost Famous. David never saw it and it had been a long while since I watched it. Great movie. We want to be rock stars for a week.

Lots more to do to get the week started off right.

Much love!

PS: Marketa and Glen from Once won an Oscar and I'm so proud of them!
You can view their acceptance here (it'll make you smile) and their performance here.

PPS: Did you hear about Pakistan messing up YouTube yesterday? Crazies! They'll never take away our free speech, stupid crazy people.

Friday, February 22, 2008



Surprise! We're coming to Gainesville March 1st to spend the day and see Clifton, who is gracing Florida with his presence. Get excited!

Also, this may make you laugh. It may also annoy you:

Much love to all!

PS: Kallie finally opened a bank account for KBP - the last step in File as an LLC, get an EIN, open a bank account. It's all official. (Yes, checks are now payable to Kallie Brynn Photography!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part 2 - the best high

As you know, Kallie's first set of wedding photos are all over the internet now. She also showed her friends in Gainesville a copy of the wedding book she made for Tim and Diana. The response has seriously been overwhelming in such a good way. Kallie is on cloud nine. The girls in Gainesville went crazy over the book (especially Kelly, who made me blush!) I sent an email to our wedding photographer (you probably already know how much I look up to him) and his response was great! Here are some clips:
"hey kallie,
i really appreciate you wanting my opinion on your wedding. so i will try and be as helpful as possible in my suggestions.
to start, let me say that i'm really impressed for several reasons:
1. your images are well color corrected. [...]
2. you captured great moments. this is something that is hard to teach because its a reflection that the subjects were comfortable with you and not off put by your camera or presence. you're a natural!
3. you kept your lines straight. Oh, crooked photos drive me crazy! and you kept everything so straight. Thank you! It makes images look so much better.
[...] but seriously great work from the start.
[...]you've got style and spunk and a great eye. and being a female you have such a great advantage with brides that men don't have. you understand what it means to be a bride and can be much more sensitive to their needs.
keep pushing the envelope!
[...]call me if you want to discuss further, but i seriously think you rock!

SERIOUSLY! Oh, I'm so stoked.

And then, this from the BRIDE:
I am SOOOO pleased with your work. My family has been blown away by the style of your pictures. Very professional. My brother-in-law is sure you're going to find success this field. These pictures were everything I wanted and MORE. Thank you so much for the book. I love it. And I will definitely be passing your cards out! You're wonderful!!!

Could it be any better? I'm so excited to have the opportunity to do what I love for a living and it simply couldn't be more rewarding. Thank you all so much.

God is good.

Part 1

We're back from our trip to Grandpa's 80th birthday surprises! Here's a quick trip overview:
- drove up to TLH Wednesday night
- worked at Kallie's dad's office Thursday
- dropped off Tim and Diana's wedding package on Valentine's Day; chatted a bit, but didn't stay around long so they could look at the photos
- drove to Jackson, MS, Friday morning
- showed up at Bonefish, where Grandpa was expecting friends to come for a monthly dinner; instead, it was his three daughters from Florida, Montana, and California, whom haven't been all together with him in years and years. Kallie took photos.
- wasted time Saturday morning before helping decorate and blow up balloons for Grandpa's second surprise - a party with his closest friends from Jackson and the family. He was so surprised, he didn't look down to step up at the front door and almost fell. Kallie took photos the whole time (she's working on making a book!)
- went out to eat at Cock of the Walk with the family for dinner: fried catfish, fried french fries, fried hush puppies, fried onion rings, and sweet tea. That's right.
- drove to Tallahassee Sunday. Ate salads for dinner.
- drove to Gainesville for several hours: lunch at Leonardo's and then chatting at Stoneridge, like the good ole days. Ben gave us his wedding gift a year late, hehe: a fantastic ship that he put together and painted to match our bathroom (yes, it's nautical themed). We're stoked it's finally done and in our home!
- drove to Tampa: Clay (David's best man) proposed to Bethany! We got to celebrate a bit afterwards with them before leaving to get dinner, unpack, and veg out before crashing in bed.

Photos to come soon.

Love, d&k

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding Photos Posted!!

Tim and Diana's wedding photos are released to the public!!

Go to right now to see them all!

For a great selection, here you go:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

busy busy!

We're heading to Tallahassee tonight instead of tomorrow. David got Thursday off, too, and dad wants us to come up a day early to help with some work at the office. He's also going to help us with our taxes, so we're glad to go early.

Friday morning, we're heading to Jackson, Mississippi, for my grandpa's (mom's dad) 80th birthday! Woot! He doesn't know the four of us are coming, so we'll be a total surprise when we show up for dinner Friday night. Then there's a surprise party for him Saturday loads of fun! (Don't fret - I check with mom, and he doesn't read our blog - no ruined surprise!)

This means that today is crazy for both David and me. Wednesdays are always David's busiest day (mail day), plus he has to be sure he's 110% caught up, since he's taking off Thurs, Fri, and Monday. I am doing laundry, packing, dishes, vacuuming (friggin' ants!), and waiting for the pest control guy to come. Also working on some jewelry (yes, I'm making more great stuff for etsy!) Oh yea, and then there's our nasty shower that I keep putting off scrubbing! Yuck! And you should all know I'm a clean freak, so a dirty shower is driving me crazy!!

Don't forget - we're coming to Gainesville Monday and we need to leave by 4:30 to get back to Tampa, so please try to move some plans around so we can see you! Don't hesitate to call!

And about the wonderful world of photography:::Tim and Diana's book came in! They live in Tallahassee, so we're going to drop off the package Thursday afternoon. That means I'll release photos Thursday night, so be sure to check it out! And don't worry - I'll announce it, of course!

(I'm also taking photos all weekend and am making a book for grandpa for his birthday, so I'll post those photos in a few weeks.)

Much love!! (k)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fabulous Weekend!

This might be our new apartment come May. It's the Village at Lake Highland in south Lakeland. We're hoping for a first floor apartment on the lake. The patio opens into the lawn and the lake and we can have a grill! Sweet! (We spent Saturday in Lakeland and finally found a winner!)

Then later that evening, we had a lovely surprise dinner with Brittany, Anisha, Savannah, and Keith! It was fantastic! We love our friends! Yes, they came down from Gainesville and went back after dinner! Aren't they great!?!
Sunday after church, David's dad and Louise took us towards Plant City to find some great strawberry shortcake/pizza. Delicious! It was so cool to sit next to a strawberry field and eat fresh strawberries! The Strawberry Festival is coming up!
And Kallie was playing with her camera:
We added quick links to the right side of the blog. Hopefully that'll help you out! And we hope you enjoy our new blog layout as much as we do! And in case you don't know - you can always click on the photos to make them bigger!!

And aren't these fabulous (of course, this is Kallie's word)!?Much love! David and Kallie

Friday, February 8, 2008


white, minimal, lovely.

and matching.


Kallie got a chop chop!

Finally! I can already hear David: "Kallie! Not another hair photo!" Well, this time, it's at the request of the momster. Plus, how can you get a new hair cut and not post photos, right?! Yes, it's really still that blonde! I purposefully (or purposely??) didn't take a direct photo of the back, haha - it's really short, so there's a blonde layer on the very top and then the rest is natural brown - looks so silly! And I can't tell you how happy I am to have a hair style that I cannot throw back into a pony tail. Brilliant!
Also, I took new photos (completely realizing the originals were terrible) of my hair pins on etsy - so much better! Please take a look by clicking on my etsy store icon to the right!


Monday, February 4, 2008

etsy love

Kallie Brynn is on Etsy!! Kallie is selling hair pins, targeted towards brides-to-be! They're the ones she made for our wedding (over a year ago, that's right!) She's planning on adding the necklace she also made and wore, along with other jewelry items and paper goods! Her Moleskine is always being written in with new ideas, so hopefully she'll have a lot of products posted soon. We'll keep you notified!

- ~ - ~ - ~ -

We had a nice weekend. We went to Busch Gardens on Saturday and went straight to the wooden roller coaster. Then we both had headaches, so we rode the train, the skyride, and watched a show. We also saw the baby gorilla, which wasn't out the last time we visited. He and his mom were cuddling right in front of the glass window. We got really excited. And then we went home and took a nap.

Sunday morning, we found out that one of our favorite people in our small group is leaving to go to a different one. Not cool. Then we went and watched kids play soccer, went to an empty field and kicked the ball around, showered, and headed to David's mom's house. David cooked his enchiladas for dinner and we had a really nice time and watched the first bit of the super bowl. (Kallie also made some necklaces from beads Annella gave her to use and Annella loved them! Yay!) Then we headed over to hang out with Rachel, Matt, Logan, Kyle, and the gang. It was fun and Logan helped us figure out some details about the coffee table we want David's dad to help us make. Kallie has been plotting it out on graph paper.

Also exciting news - Kallie got to spend two hours in Michael's last week with a gift card. She was a giddy girl. She also worked on our taxes. Woot.

Gainesville friends:::mark your calendars for Monday, February 18th!! We're coming back from Tallahassee/Mississippi and we plan to leave in the morning so that we can have lots of time in Gainesville before we have to get back!! We're desperately missing everyone and are needing to see you!!

Has anyone heard of a Mangosteen? Apparently, they're the best fruit ever. Oprah is all over them (hah). I want to try one!! (They were mentioned in Good Magazine.)

much love!

Friday, February 1, 2008


I LOVE this group of people. Every time, I'm blown away. Big smiles.

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