Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part 2 - the best high

As you know, Kallie's first set of wedding photos are all over the internet now. She also showed her friends in Gainesville a copy of the wedding book she made for Tim and Diana. The response has seriously been overwhelming in such a good way. Kallie is on cloud nine. The girls in Gainesville went crazy over the book (especially Kelly, who made me blush!) I sent an email to our wedding photographer (you probably already know how much I look up to him) and his response was great! Here are some clips:
"hey kallie,
i really appreciate you wanting my opinion on your wedding. so i will try and be as helpful as possible in my suggestions.
to start, let me say that i'm really impressed for several reasons:
1. your images are well color corrected. [...]
2. you captured great moments. this is something that is hard to teach because its a reflection that the subjects were comfortable with you and not off put by your camera or presence. you're a natural!
3. you kept your lines straight. Oh, crooked photos drive me crazy! and you kept everything so straight. Thank you! It makes images look so much better.
[...] but seriously great work from the start.
[...]you've got style and spunk and a great eye. and being a female you have such a great advantage with brides that men don't have. you understand what it means to be a bride and can be much more sensitive to their needs.
keep pushing the envelope!
[...]call me if you want to discuss further, but i seriously think you rock!

SERIOUSLY! Oh, I'm so stoked.

And then, this from the BRIDE:
I am SOOOO pleased with your work. My family has been blown away by the style of your pictures. Very professional. My brother-in-law is sure you're going to find success this field. These pictures were everything I wanted and MORE. Thank you so much for the book. I love it. And I will definitely be passing your cards out! You're wonderful!!!

Could it be any better? I'm so excited to have the opportunity to do what I love for a living and it simply couldn't be more rewarding. Thank you all so much.

God is good.
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