Wednesday, February 13, 2008

busy busy!

We're heading to Tallahassee tonight instead of tomorrow. David got Thursday off, too, and dad wants us to come up a day early to help with some work at the office. He's also going to help us with our taxes, so we're glad to go early.

Friday morning, we're heading to Jackson, Mississippi, for my grandpa's (mom's dad) 80th birthday! Woot! He doesn't know the four of us are coming, so we'll be a total surprise when we show up for dinner Friday night. Then there's a surprise party for him Saturday loads of fun! (Don't fret - I check with mom, and he doesn't read our blog - no ruined surprise!)

This means that today is crazy for both David and me. Wednesdays are always David's busiest day (mail day), plus he has to be sure he's 110% caught up, since he's taking off Thurs, Fri, and Monday. I am doing laundry, packing, dishes, vacuuming (friggin' ants!), and waiting for the pest control guy to come. Also working on some jewelry (yes, I'm making more great stuff for etsy!) Oh yea, and then there's our nasty shower that I keep putting off scrubbing! Yuck! And you should all know I'm a clean freak, so a dirty shower is driving me crazy!!

Don't forget - we're coming to Gainesville Monday and we need to leave by 4:30 to get back to Tampa, so please try to move some plans around so we can see you! Don't hesitate to call!

And about the wonderful world of photography:::Tim and Diana's book came in! They live in Tallahassee, so we're going to drop off the package Thursday afternoon. That means I'll release photos Thursday night, so be sure to check it out! And don't worry - I'll announce it, of course!

(I'm also taking photos all weekend and am making a book for grandpa for his birthday, so I'll post those photos in a few weeks.)

Much love!! (k)

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