Monday, February 4, 2008

etsy love

Kallie Brynn is on Etsy!! Kallie is selling hair pins, targeted towards brides-to-be! They're the ones she made for our wedding (over a year ago, that's right!) She's planning on adding the necklace she also made and wore, along with other jewelry items and paper goods! Her Moleskine is always being written in with new ideas, so hopefully she'll have a lot of products posted soon. We'll keep you notified!

- ~ - ~ - ~ -

We had a nice weekend. We went to Busch Gardens on Saturday and went straight to the wooden roller coaster. Then we both had headaches, so we rode the train, the skyride, and watched a show. We also saw the baby gorilla, which wasn't out the last time we visited. He and his mom were cuddling right in front of the glass window. We got really excited. And then we went home and took a nap.

Sunday morning, we found out that one of our favorite people in our small group is leaving to go to a different one. Not cool. Then we went and watched kids play soccer, went to an empty field and kicked the ball around, showered, and headed to David's mom's house. David cooked his enchiladas for dinner and we had a really nice time and watched the first bit of the super bowl. (Kallie also made some necklaces from beads Annella gave her to use and Annella loved them! Yay!) Then we headed over to hang out with Rachel, Matt, Logan, Kyle, and the gang. It was fun and Logan helped us figure out some details about the coffee table we want David's dad to help us make. Kallie has been plotting it out on graph paper.

Also exciting news - Kallie got to spend two hours in Michael's last week with a gift card. She was a giddy girl. She also worked on our taxes. Woot.

Gainesville friends:::mark your calendars for Monday, February 18th!! We're coming back from Tallahassee/Mississippi and we plan to leave in the morning so that we can have lots of time in Gainesville before we have to get back!! We're desperately missing everyone and are needing to see you!!

Has anyone heard of a Mangosteen? Apparently, they're the best fruit ever. Oprah is all over them (hah). I want to try one!! (They were mentioned in Good Magazine.)

much love!


Alisa Kelleen said...

hey lady! i checked out your etsy shop. i'm pretty excited for you! I wanted to mention though, I was a little confused as to the differences in your hair pins-why some cost less or more than others. I realized in your description that some had more pins than others, but the $9 and $12 difference didn't really stand out to me. So maybe that's something to look at.

Also, I'd love to know how your sales go-Kristin has been thinking about maybe opening an ETSY shop for some of her incredible sewing items-aprons, purses, etc.

good luck and keep me posted! i love you!

Stephanie said...

I am loving your hair pins and plan on passing along the link to my friend marrying in June. They are simple yet beautiful...and I'll tell you what else I love...that little calendar! So fabulous!

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