Monday, February 11, 2008

Fabulous Weekend!

This might be our new apartment come May. It's the Village at Lake Highland in south Lakeland. We're hoping for a first floor apartment on the lake. The patio opens into the lawn and the lake and we can have a grill! Sweet! (We spent Saturday in Lakeland and finally found a winner!)

Then later that evening, we had a lovely surprise dinner with Brittany, Anisha, Savannah, and Keith! It was fantastic! We love our friends! Yes, they came down from Gainesville and went back after dinner! Aren't they great!?!
Sunday after church, David's dad and Louise took us towards Plant City to find some great strawberry shortcake/pizza. Delicious! It was so cool to sit next to a strawberry field and eat fresh strawberries! The Strawberry Festival is coming up!
And Kallie was playing with her camera:
We added quick links to the right side of the blog. Hopefully that'll help you out! And we hope you enjoy our new blog layout as much as we do! And in case you don't know - you can always click on the photos to make them bigger!!

And aren't these fabulous (of course, this is Kallie's word)!?Much love! David and Kallie

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I clicked on the pink lightbulb and read the reviews. They are bright pink for parties, and are not soft pink for mood enhancement at home. Too bad....
mom t

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